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  1. I was surprised to see Randy Orton and Damion sandow being the winners of the m.i.t.b ladder match's. For the WWE title one, people were definitely expecting Daniel Bryan and for the whc one, people were expecting Wade Barrett. I didn't expect them(orton and sandow to win it, as well). But I see the good in this, not that orton and sandow need such push's yet though orton has gotten more than enough, sandow a first timer to it. The only good in them, is that helps make things seem unpredictable but other than it was just pointless.

    I think WWE is pushing Sandow, way too quick. Don't get me wrong, but I love Diamon Sandows character as well as his mic work. A, Sandows whc title is push is way too quick, b, why suddenly push a guy in such a way, who seems to have been buried in the undercard divisions, of which are the tag and middle card ones. Sandow, barely looked strong leading up to the ppv. This is why they should have had just one money in the bank match, where the winner gets a shot at either world title belt, so that there would no room for such a senseless push. Also it looks like the m.i.t.b thing is gonna ruin the push of Dolph Ziggler, one of WWEs best among the rising talent. I hope, I am wrong, I love Dolph Ziggler, has way to much potential to not ever get a significant world title push.
  2. To be fair, Sandow has up to a year to cash it in. That's more than enough time for strong booking to make him look credible.
  3. Factor in that Sandow is 30 and nearing 31 and you realize how maturity plays a role in these decisions

    Nobody thought twice about shoving a rocket up Batista's a** despite being so 'green'. His age played a factor.

    McIntyre, Rhodes, Lesnar (to an extent) and Orton (to a further extent) were far too immature age wise so WWE is being selective on major pushes

    Apparently, guys like Swagger act like jerks backstage after winning gold, things we most likely never hear about.
  4. I have actually heard of a handful of them getting ego trips when they have belts. It is not surprising but you have to remember, it is just a prop to make a wrestler look better. You have to both deserve it and need it to have it.
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  5. They were great surprises and I'm a fan of both. With this Rhodes feud they have time to make Sandow look great.
  6. Maybe they put Sandow's briefcase on the line, Rhodes wins it and they have a credible briefcase holder
  7. Rhodes hasn't been credible either. Before MITB he spent an entire month being Brogue Kick fodder iirc, if anything he's less credible than Sandow.
  8. IMO Rhodes looks more credible with this face turn and with his feud with Sandow.
  9. If being in a full out feud with Sandow brings more credibility to Cody, it brings more to Damien as well. The face turn may help a bit since faces tend to win more matches but for now they're on equal ground as far as credibility goes, I'd say.
  10. You're right, it brings more credibility to Sandow too. I think Rhodes would be a better champion than Sandow if I'm honest
  11. Oh, sure. As far as having a better reign goes it just goes down to speculation at this point so it could be.
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