Macho Man + Mean Gene = The Best

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Grams and Ounces, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. Still makes me sad that he is no longer around.
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  2. Just found this, wtf?
  3. Mean Gene was always the best interviewer
  4. Anybody else used to eat at Mene Gene's restaurant? They had one back in military base in New Orleans where I used to live and it was pretty good :obama:

    And hell yeah Mene Gene and Savage are the best :tough: Was there ever any doubt?
  5. Mean Gene + Flair are a close competitor but I'll give the edge to Mach

    Mean Gene even made this dumb bitch look good:

  7. Gene with Savage was absolute beast.. Fucking intense..

    Even though it's not an interview, this is my favorite promo..

    Expecting his head to explode at one point..:dawg:
  8. I approve of this thread
  9. Can't wait to watch them all
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