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  1. It is complete and utter travesty that The Macho Man is not in the Hall of Fame yet. Had Jake the Snake not been announced last night I would call the HoF an overall sham. There isn't even an actual HoF that you can go to....such nonsense. Okay back Macho Man, Macho had an amazing career highlighted with titles and what some say is the greatest match ever vs. Ricky Steamboat. Now, some people are going to be complete losers and say "well Macho had beef with the McMahon's." The man has been dead for almost three years and "whoever" needs to let it go. Obviously Macho would not be there so for them doesn't it make sense now. I mean, the Ultimate Loser is going to be in the HoF so why don't they just induct everyone who has ever wrestled. The WWE makes a documentary about the Ultimate Loser that destroys his integrity completely, which I liked, and then puts him in the HoF. LOL and WTF to that. They need to get it over with and get Macho in there before we all die.....KoKo B Ware?
  2. Supposedly, Macho Man declined going into the HOF when he was still alive unless they agreed to induct his father as well. Not sure I buy that story since I don't see any reason why they WOULDN'T induct his father, but it's the same story his brother still tells as to why Savage isn't in there.
  3. Macho Man was a psycho whatever he said back then should be disregarded.
  4. My sig explains it all
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