'Macho Man' to be a 2015 WWE HOF Class Member

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  1. Some reports have come out today in regards to the WWE Hall of Fame and a possible announcement coming tonight as to who will be the first member to join this year's class..

    Reportedly sources have stated that the announcement will be the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage's induction into the HOF.. Savage who died in 2011 IMO should've been in there a bit sooner than that because he was one of the biggest names in wrestling entertainment during that time..

    If they don't make the announcement tonight it is said to be a sure thing to come and he will be a member of the 2015 HOF Class for the WWE.


  2. Good, there will be much less useless whining in the internet about this then
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  3. Great to see the Macho Man finally go in.
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  5. Inducted by Steph? :woo1:
  6. I imagine he will be inducted by Hulkster, brother :hogan:

  7. Hahaha that would be awkward
  8. Hogan inducting him?

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