News Mad Dog Vachon passes away

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    Former professional wrestling star Maurice (Mad Dog) Vachon, who had a huge following in Winnipeg where he once resided, has died.

    Bob Holliday, a longtime friend of Vachon’s, spoke by telephone with Vachon’s wife, Kathie, this morning at her home in Omaha. Kathie Vachon told Holiday her husband passed away in his sleep earlier this morning of natural causes.

    Vachon was 84.


    Always sad to see another wrestler gone.
  2. Sad to hear it, the dude was an animal in the ring. RIP.
  3. @Senhor Perfect what year did you dress up as him for Halloween again?

    RIP Vachon, dude has to have had one of the ugliest daughters of all time.
  4. 1988
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  5. I remember when Diesel ripped off his artificial leg at the April '96 In Your House and tried to beat Shawn Michaels with it lol.
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  6. I believe it, honestly. You came out at 23" and 8lbs, full beard and chest hair included.
  7. And that was just my wang!! :happy:
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  8. Oh you sly devil, i'm still trying to pass the 23cm mark, sitting at 8g
  9. :obama: metric, nice!
  10. [​IMG]
    I did it just for you.
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  11. Domo arigato, mr.blatto
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  12. You get cheap like's like Mick Foley get's cheap pop's. Here, on!
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