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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know is Co-Op Franchise will be back in Madden 25?
    Like how it was in Madden 12 where my husband and I can play on the same team, like be able to play a season, go onto the next season, go through drafts, ect.

    I have searched all over and can't find the answer.
  2. I know last year you could not with the addition of "connected careers" They've really watered down franchise.
  3. I know and we bought Madden 13 and we were so pissed. I don't play sports games by myself. I like to play on a team with my husband. Like we do in NBA2k
  4. Yeah, I know. I felt the wrath from you when I said MLB had co-op. (which they do) But I know for a fact that madden didn't have 2 player franchise of any kind last year.
  5. Unless you play online I think your franchise is a solo deal.
  6. Ah I miss the days of old with Madden co-op frnachise, players who actually progressed into legends if you were amazingly good with them (I made Ashley Lelie a god one year), also the absence of Tony Bruno WHY?????????????
  7. LMfao Ashley Lelie from denver.
  8. Yeah lol. Was just messing about and put the difficulty down and passed to him repeatedly every game and made him like 96 rated.
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