Maddox is coming back baby

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 2, 2012.

  2. Surprise rumble entrant possibly? :hmm:

    In what other ways could he debut? As part of the shield? I don't think they will add more to that stable right now.
  3. Let's see where this goes. I'm not sure about him, he doesn't excel in any particular area from what I've seen.
  4. Yesssssssssssssssss this makes me very happy I am actually a fan of Brad he has something special and I think he will be a big star when 2013 is here. Everyone should get ready as Brad Maddox will return
  5. BrockLesnarFan:
    >Maddox will be a future star
    >Ambrose will be out of a job

  6. For once I agreeee.

  7. Lol'd
  8. Dont see the point when i look at the talent pool in NXT an the fact i didnt kno this guy. But well we'll see could be amazing or a total balls up both of which are entertaining to watch unfold.
  9. Yeah.... let's not do that.
  10. Well it's kind of obvious that Maddox will be a part of the shield if the group decides to target Ryback leading up to mania. I can't really see Maddox doing anything else besides jobbing. It seems like he'll be the the next Brian Kendrick if he goes out on his own.
  11. Triple H knows he stuff.
  12. Yeah that's really debatable right now. We all know how awesome a main eventer Sheamus is right now :pity:
  13. Fuck Maddox bring in Ohno, he's way more talented.
  14. ... Big E Langston is more ready for the main roster then Maddox is.
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  15. Pretty sure there will be a Tsunami in the philippines as a result of this news.
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  16. HHH is so hit and miss with his talent.
  17. :vince:
  18. I lol'd, omg, but what makes you say that?

    And it's still too early to tell for me. We'll just see.

    Seriously though... I'm guessing this is purely about physical attributes because I don't know Maddox or Ambrose too well and I can already tell Ambrose entertains me much more already.

    talent > looks
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  19. Hannah (Scarlette) absolute adores Maddox, obviously purely based on his wrestling ability :pity:
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  20. LOL, holy shit. Then that's hilarious.

    But I'm Filipino as well, so :finger:
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