Maddox is damn good on commentary

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Crayo, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else find him a pleasure to listen to? He's hilarious, he calls the matches, he makes up these funny stories, he's just awesome on commentary imo.
  2. Too bad we've seen the last of him on NXT for now.
  3. And last year you guys hate him. ; - ;
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  4. Yes, he's a great actor (or he is actually like that IRL) and he should commentate regularly on the WWE's main 3 shows (RAW, Main Event or Smackdown).:smug:
  5. Maddox interacting with JBL would be incredible. :jbl:
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    I agree,Maddox is awesome on commentary. I espically liked when he would "sneak" his way onto the commentary team on the main shows,it was golden.
  7. For how long has this been? I'll go back and watch the last few weeks in that case.
  8. Having read Shadoxicity's comment, I agree. I could see Maddox sneaking onto Main Event and/or possibly even Smackdown to commentate. It'd be so hilarious having Maddox sneak onto Vickie's show and run away half way through when Vickie's security comes in. In fact, book a Maddox-Vickie feud with Ryback being Vickie's captain. Ryback chases Maddox around Smackdown each time he sneaks in and it culminates in a nice Maddox, RVD and Kidd vs Ryback, Gabriel and Barrett feud. Gives six talented guys something to do, mic time and what might be quite a good match.
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  9. I have said from the very beginning when Brad Maddox first debuted on Raw that he will be the future star of the company and I was right he has gone straight to the top and is now the GM of Raw and does awesome commentary on NXT
  10. At times can be annoying, but he does a good job at entertaining me at least.
  11. He's gold his segments on RAW recently have been so funny and good to watch.
  12. Why do I feel like that's happened before
  13. Yes, Maddox is awesome overall. Been trying to say this. Lots of charisma.
  14. He's a good commentator.
  15. Absolutely. I've liked him since THE CONTROVERSY~~~

    Trade Jerry for Brad, plz.
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  16. No one hated him. Everyone hated how BLFFL wouldn't stfu about him. Many people stated so because if I can recall, @Fluttershy Farooq made a thread about Maddox around that annoying BLFFL time and no one actually hated him. Just tired of the countless "Maddox is the greatest" threads without any solid reason besides the fact that she thought he was hot.
  17. And you also said Shield would be fired after a week. Clearly, you only judge wrestlers by their looks. No one takes you seriously at all.
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  18. Ohhh. Sorry because maybe, I was like that too. :emoji_slight_smile:) But I have my reasons to like him, though him being hot was one of them. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  19. No yeah, he's amazing. I said in Farooq's thread that Maddox JUST premiered on RAW and I had nothing to judge him on since he hadn't done anything yet, and then BLFFL comes in and just "omg he's so hot, fuck yeah, he's the best wrestler ever".

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