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  1. Maddox got squashed this week on RAW and didn't get his contract, but they keep mentioning how they don't think he acted alone and it was Punk/Heyman. Is that it now? Is the angle over? Maddox loses, goes away, and they just assume it was Punk/Heyman or will it ever be revealed?

    I'm personally hoping for a Heyman stable debut at Survivor Series, saving CM Punk from Ryback and Cena and Maddox is part of the stable.
  2. I don't think so personally, they'll just go for something basic like a bribe to end the Maddox saga IMO. I wouldn't completely rule out a stable however, and that tweet from Punk a few months ago still suggests to me that he'll use Ambrose at some point.
  3. Lmao at your sig :yay:

    I hope they use Ambrose, but that tweet just shows Punk is a fan of him... like everynoe else :((.
  4. Lmao, yeah I was tossing up whether to put that or Nash's twitter quote from tonight in my sig.

    And yeah, probably :emoji_slight_frown: But why would he call him his 'secret weapon'? :hmm:
  5. I believe there's a reason why the ambulances were there. They realized they were pushing someone they didn't want to push and they needed to get him off TV ASAP. Punk retained his title, no more need for him.

    I mean yes, it'd be logical that Maddox would be in a stable with him after all this, but this is the WWE. The WWE kicks logic in the nuts and tells it to piss off.
  6. No idea :urm:

    Also, Nash's quote??
  7. Trying to be clever, he tweeted:

    'Just to set the record straight Kevin Nash....Me ,never held any WWF or WWE world title .Guess those Nash powerbombs really Fucked Punk up'

    Guy replied:

    @RealKevinNash he did refer to you as Diesel'

    Nash then replies

    'Kevin Nash [email protected]
    @TheOneTrueViper Wouldn't know didn't watch the show'

    :dafuq: :lol1:
  8. lmfao so much accidental win.

  9. Brad. ; _ ;

    I like your idea. But the appeal of Maddox being by himself is more appealing though. :((
  10. You should perhaps judge wrestlers on aspects like charisma, ability, wrestling and look, instead of just loving the hot guys.
  11. OK MAYBE hawtness measures 70% on the criteria of how I judge wrestlers, I still think of the "technical" side. As of what I got from his promos and matches both here and in FCW, I think he was really good.

    I admit he's not good with the actual wrestling category (his moveset not unique, good in selling though), he has a talent for promos. A little like Zack Ryder of FCW.

    Doesn't mean I fangirl 99% about the looks of the wrestlers, doesn't mean I don't look at their talents and abilities.
  12. He sucks at promos and he can't wrestle, so naturally I assume you like him because he's hot -- and the fact you have been going on about his looks since he was on RAW a week ago.
  13. Since you're entitled with your own opinion I give you that.
  14. Actually surprised by WWE. They normally leave stuff half assed, this one I'd say was 75% assed (:steiner:) since they bothered doing Ryback vs Maddox and having him go out in an ambulance instead of forgetting it even earlier. So, yeah, that's the end I think.
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