Madison Rayne's baby

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. Former TNA Knockout Madison Rayne posted the first public photo of her baby with the following caption on Twitter:

    Madison Rayne ✔ @MRayneTNA
    Finally introducing my little angel face!
    9:19 PM - 21 Oct 2013
    Source: Pwmania

    What a cutie :yay:
  2. Wow that's a ton of hair for a newborn :shock:
  3. The kid has a bald spot on its dome, I suspect Hogan.
  4. I fucking hate it when Seabs comes into my thread and ruins it with facts.
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  5. My little brother had to get his first haircut at 3 months old. He had freakish amounts of hair. But no eyebrows.
  6. My kid had a good amount of hair himself
  7. I've seen kids with more hair, but that aside it's a helluva cute baby. Good for her. I hope she stays away from TNA and gets a good job.
  8. Good for her.
  9. I have feeling she'll be back in TNA down the line, and this guy becomes a TNA star in the future brother.
  10. Big finger quotations around "star". Sure thing though. He'll be a big "star".
  11. I'm jealous that the baby has been in contact with Maddie's vagina

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  12. Why do act like a drooling idiot when it comes to TNA?
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  13. gotta love the haters that feel the need to constantly remind TNA fans that the company isn't the WWE.

    ya don't say
  14. Simply put, TNA's a huge joke to me. I can't take it the least bit seriously. I tried during that PPV. I was ready for something to happen that would shut me up on the insane amount of sucking that they do. There were a few brief moments where it found a groove, but it's amateur hour 24/7 over there.

    They had a shot a few years ago at growing into something more, and they've squandered their opportunities.

  15. I've never said that. I don't need it to be WWE. I need it to be a competently produced and booked wrestling show. I watch plenty of wrestling outside WWE. New Japan is good, I used to watch some NOAH and All Japan. I'll even watch some of that AAA madness in small spurts. Lucha libre is so weird, but I'll give it a shot. TNA is simply a glaring example of wasted potential. That BFG show was a train wreck. Even a lot of the uber-loyal TNA fans here have been agreeing with me on several points.
  16. I'm not crazy about the product atm either but there hav been plenty of time periods when TNA was crazy fun to watch. 05-06/early 07 and late 2011-12 when Roode and Aries were running wild both come to mind.

  17. Yeah 2006 and 07 would be when I enjoyed it. 08-09 was okay, and since then it took a huge shit all over itself. I did see Roode vs Aries, that was a good match. Roode's reign was one of the bright spots from that period.
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