Magnus: Groomed for success?

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    Magnus returned recently as a face and seems to be picking up momentum. I doubt anyone of us would say the guy doesn't have what it takes to succeed. He's good looking, well built, good in the ring and good on the stick with a lot of charisma. But is he a guy that the company will build around in the future? He is young so he could be with the company for a long time but do you think TNA will? With guys like Hardy around do you see them ever taking a chance on giving Magnus the big main event push?

    Is he groomed for success or overlooked?
  2. He has a great chance of succeeding as he's incredibly talented, but I much prefer him as a heel. There are quite a few faces I prefer over him on that roster, and he just doesn't stand out as one. As a heel I think he's magnificent though. I picture him as one of those heels that becomes so good at being one, that he becomes loved a couple years after and becomes a successful face (ala Randy Orton).
  3. Groomed for success.
    I feel that they already took that step during the UK Tour.
    Over the next few months, you'll see him feuding with Bully. (Eventually)
  4. He reminds me of Maximus from Gladiator, especially his promo on the most recent episode of Impact. Yeah he's a star in the making.
  5. You are groomed for success. Magnus is goign to be big but i dont think Roode/hardy/angle big. I like how companies build around people who aren't really the best, i hated cm punk's stale run (ruined him on tv for a while) while i just expect shit from hardy/cena/show/whoever else is shit on that level, while i am always really optimistic about people who can still be underdog, or put down by the company, people who cause chaos instead of conforming. The only good one was Corporate Austin, but he is man who eats your Goat.
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  8. :yes:

    Love the guy, I think he has all the tools to become the man in TNA.
  9. Yes, I'm sure he'll be a fixture in the upper reaches of the TNA card in the future.
  10. Magnus is on his way to the top, it won't be too long before he's the main event.
  11. Imagine the Magnus vs. Bobby Roode/Austin Aries feud. :badass:
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