News Magnus, Joe and Roode Re-Sign with TNA Wrestling

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  1. Fighting Spirit Magazine is delighted to confirm that our monthly columnist, Nick "Magnus" Aldis, has re-signed with TNA Wrestling.

    "I'm very happy to confirm that I have signed a new two-year deal, on improved terms. It came down to the wire between TNA, myself, and my agent, but ultimately we came to a mutually beneficial agreement," Aldis said in a statement to FSM.

    "I'm really excited about the new structure and more streamlined team. It's important to know that while some people may be moving on, TNA is focusing on their priority guys. Simply - earn your spot, and be rewarded. I can only speak for myself, but my career has steadily progressed financially throughout my entire time with the company."

    Indeed, TNA has recently been criticised for, under various circumstances, allowing the likes of Bruce Prichard, DOC, Tara, Doug Williams and Jesse Sorensen to depart the organisation. FSM is also aware of at least one high-profile TNA contract offer that has been verbally dismissed by the employee in question.

    On the bright side, FSM can confirm that top talents Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode have also signed new deals with TNA, adding credence to Aldis' suggestion that recent roster and behind the scenes changes are more of a case of streamlining of talent rather than dropping contracts out of financial necessity.
  2. Is Double J in charge of talent relations, and therefore we can get really excited for this...

    ...or we could just get excited regardless! :yay: Good TNA news! Great job whoever did this!
  3. Glad to hear this,it would've sucked so much had any of those three not re-signed.
  4. :yay: Just woke up today and smiled while reading this thread.
  5. These guys not resigning would be a very big loss for TNA. VERY big loss.
  6. Yeah, but they resigned so they won't go anywhere :yay:
  7. The magazine says one high-profile talent has verbally dismissed the new contract offer. Who could it be? I'm hearing Bischoff is on his way out in October, and it could Hogan too.

    Doubt it's anyone like Jeff Hardy or Bully Ray, tbh. Jarrett loves those two.
  8. Damn, I'm ready for Joe to move on to the 'E. He just seems too complacent in TNA and we all know there is nothing left he can do in that company. Plus they don't ever seem to have anything for him storyline wise. Being the 3rd wheel in this MEM rehash is lame to put it politely.
  9. Agreeing with D'Z on Joe. Happy that Magnus and Roode resigning but Joe needs to move on. He obviously isn't motivated to work in TNA and it is noticeable in his ring work. I'd rather have a motivated Joe going somewhere else than a unmotivated Joe phoning it in.
  10. Yeah, Joe needs to mosey on out of there. Hell, even if he goes back to ROH he'll be motivated by working with new talent, but TNA does nothing for him and hasn't for quite a while.

    Also, Magnus all about that paper, son. :woo1:
  11. I rekon the high profile guy to leave will be sting but even though i am a TNA fan i would like to see AJ styles in wwe so he can get the carreer he deserves.
  12. Yeah, I don't understand why they keep Joe in upper mid card. The weight gain?No storyline? I don't know. When was the last time he was World Champ? 2008/09? or the main event of the company?
  13. AJ always has been Jarrett's boy, with him back there's no way they'll let Styles out of the pocket. Let Sting go the WWE to make some big money and have the match that every fan wants to see before he hangs up the boots.
  14. I don't see AJ Styles ever going to WWE.

  15. I would actually be interested to see the fan split on fans that do/do not want to see Sting/Taker at this point. The more time that passes the less appealing it becomes
  16. But it seems to me he has fallen out of favour a bit because i swear its been a very long time since he has been heavyweight champion but then he might win it at BFG so we will shall see.

  17. What little buzz TNA has had in 2013 was surrounding AJ Styles and his storyline. The AJ character shift was way bigger news than Bully winning the Title IMHO. It generated legitimate hype we rarely seem to get from TNA.

    Now, they've seemingly lost that momentum somewhere along the way, but they were trying. I expect he will be champion again soon, if not then at least sometime in 2014.
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  18. I would say the purists who watch wwe every week without fail and always love wrestling will say they dont want it but if WWE promotes that match alot it will bring people whjo maybe dont follow wrestling anymore and used to watch it when they wear younger during the monday night wars if they get that match and stone cold vs CM punk so they can 100% out do this years mania in terms of buyrate and such.
  19. Hardy said once he prefers TNA because they allow him to do more things than he could in WWE so I don't think he wants to leave TNA

  20. I agree that it would have meant a lot more two years ago, but c'mon, it is still the match that always should have happened. No matter how long it took to make, it will draw in a shitload of ex fans who stopped watching somewhere around '05/'06 and Sting is the only opponent for Taker that would garner legitimate mainstream attention with his arrival in the WWE. It is the match in wrestling today, like it or not you'll make sure that you won't miss it.