Magnus - NEW World Heavyweight Champion

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Dec 21, 2013.

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    Honestly, I think he deserves it for how much he has improved over the years.
    Great look, presence, good in-ring and mic skills, just a complete package wrestler who still needs some modifications in his work though, but that can get fixed.

    (hopefully the UK people are now happy because their own citizen won the major title in fucking decades)​

  2. He's always had the potential to be something special even when he was green as dogshit during the British Invasion he had a draw to him not too dissimilar to Reigns in The Shield. He's capable of having a solid match with most guys now and seems to get the crowd pretty involved. Hopefully he goes on a tear in 2014 and cements himself as a main event player.
  3. I wish his first title win wasn't him being heel. However, I think this could lead to him being a future multi-time world champion as a well-known face wrestler. I'm still happy for Magnus.
  4. Agreed about wishing he was a face during this especially with how cheap the win was in that horrible Dixie Land stip. Roode vs Magnus could well be a huge continuing feud for TNA.
  5. I just hate that EC3 is now in Magnus' shadow, along with Spud being there. I hate Spud.
  6. Good guy and all but will he bring attention to TNA? I don't think so. He just doesn't have that star power guys like Angle and to a lesser extent Hardy do. It'll be good for their run in the UK next year but I don't know if it'll draw much state side.
  7. TNA struggles to draw at all. They should worry less about drawing an extra .2 in the short term and build stars who can help them in the long term which is what this could do.
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  8. Is Magnus the guy though? IMO he's too generic. Other than being English is there anything that really sets him apart?
  9. what more do you need?? he's a fucking Brit!
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  10. He could be, he's got a strong presence and a natural charisma to him. He can easily be made less generic with simple booking, take Roode for example in Team Canada and at times in BMI did he look like a star? For the majority of time I'll say no, he had the potential but never the substance. Am I confirming Magnus will go as far as Roode did? Of course not but he's a fine example of what guys with the talent can do.

    TNA are doing pretty well over here so it isn't a bad market to exploit.
  11. If you saw the Impact 365 video, him holding that belt just felt right (if you ignore the silliness with the Carters). Like you can tell that him being World Champion is going to go just fine and be totally believable, he really seems like a guy you can build your company around. Great on the mic, fantastic look, solid and improving in the ring, loaded with charisma... He needs a ton of work on his character, but otherwise this guy's going to be great in this role.

    Just a shame that his title win was completely overshadowed by Ditsy. Never want to see another heel authority figure in wrestling ever again.
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  12. If Magnus doesn't boost the already great business TNA is doing in the UK, I don't know who will.

    Fucking Brits who should fapp 24/7 because Magnus is the champ, bro
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  13. :yay: Good for Magnus. Nice to see TNA building up their stars instead of handing the title to veterans from other companies. I don't mind if he's heel or face, I wanted him to get the strap finally. Hopefully he keeps the belt for a good length and drops it to another young up and coming star.
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  14. Snowman was right, this video shows that TNA made the good decision. The title on Magnus just feels right, imho

  15. Press Release: Magnus ends Britain's 108 year wait for a wrestling World Champion
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  16. *bangs my carrot nose against the door as I walk up to Test with the mic*

    Hey brother Test, how does this and Chavo affect your feelings towards TNA cutting Styles?
  17. I don't know why people want Barrett as the first Brit world champ when we have Magnus.

    He is very natural with the belt, Glad he won the title.
  18. This is certainly keeping my anger on TNA to a minimum, but I'll still stop watching TNA if it becomes REALLY official AJ's gone from TNA.
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