Mahabali Shera Putting in the Work for the World Title Series

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Oct 10, 2015.

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    Mahabali Shera, who is a part of Group Wildcard, has been putting in the work necessary to help ensure that he stands the best chance at coming out on top as the new World Heavyweight Champion. While it is a long road ahead Shera must set his sights on the group round where he will have to get past the ranks of others of Group Wildcard which include Crazzy Steve, Aiden O'Shea and Kenny King.

    Recently it was announced that Mahabali Shera would be taking part of a media and talent search tour in India which will also include TNA Knockout Rebel, EC3 and TNA Executive John Gaburick. Perhaps we will get a bit more insight into what is in store for Shera and what to be on look out from from this TNA Star.

    What will the future have in store for this former member of the Revolution who has as of late taken up a dance abtly named the Shera Shuffle. Tune in to find out on Destination America Wednesdays at 9/8c



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  2. They changed his name again? lol

    Last time when I was watching TNA, he was named Khoya aka I'm Boring As Fuck.
  3. Kenny king the beast.
  4. Wait.... Aiden O'Shea is Jay Bradley? How could they possibly fuck him up more than they already have!?
  5. They should make that Shera's theme music, not the shit he has right now. As an Indian guy in England, I just feel so sad when he comes out to his entrance music and starts dancing. He looks like such a beast in that promo.

    Oh and @Prince Bálor his name was Shera before, but Storm renamed him Khoya, it means "Lost". And well now that he's left them, he's Shera again.
  6. Nah, I'm aware his name was Shera before, I just think it's funny he got renamed again. Wait a sec, I thought Khoya meant "Loss". Oh, well. Nevermind.
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