News Main Event cancelled because of Great Britain

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 15, 2015.

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  1. Pwinsider.

    Guess the UK are paying back for all the "fuck you, Britain" moments WWE has served them over the years.
  2. Well there's always Superstars, right?
  3. Kudos to the UK for sticking it to the 'E and rightfully so.

    I'd be totally fine if they removed ME permanently and just focused on SD more.
  4. I wasn't aware people even watched Main Event.
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  5. There goes long and competent Divas matches on the main roster.
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  6. Some of us do, apparently. It's a decent little show, and sometimes it turns out to be a better episode than SmackDown.

    But I also wouldn't mind it getting shut down, 'cause SD needs some improvement.
  7. Main Event is awesome. Pardon the French but fuck closing it down.

    As long as a show isn't all out bad and keeps making WWE money, I see no reason for fans to say it should be shut down.

    Smackdown can be improved without shutting down Main Event. It isn't rocket science.
  8. It is rocket science for WWE, when it comes to improving SmackDown.
  9. No it isn't.

    WWE knows fully well how easy it is to write compelling TV. They just choses to half ass it because there is not competition.

    This idea that WWE is stupid is ridiculous. And I don't understand how fans who have this mindset keep watching.

    If you don't like what they are doing, don't watch.
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    We can agree to disagree here, then.

    SD's been crap for as long as I can remember, but I keep watching 'cause I still have hopes it'll get better and another reason is habit, I guess.

    Also, writing 'compelling TV' half-assed is lame, hence why the show isn't good.
  11. I'm not picky. I pretty much like all the WWE shows. That doesn't mean I watch ME on a regular basis but it has come up on auto play a few times when I watch WWE on Hulu.
  12. Oh god, please tell me #Don'tLike #Don'tWatch is going to pick up steam again. Shut that shit up.
  13. I don't watch. Can't say I care about them cutting the show, but I don't find this necessary either.
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    Main Event was interesting when it was on Saturday and Hogan was running wild. This bullshit went downhill the second Punk and Sheamus left the set. Close it down. along with Superstars and use SmackDown as a place to showcase the talent instead of showcasing them to 10 people on the Network who actually watch the shows.
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  16. ^Trying to be Scott Steiner, cute. Can I use your salt when I make my own chips?
  17. You're not allowed to talk in font art with shitty colors anymore.

    Also, if you want to diss Main Event. Come up with arguments that are worth a while.

    There is no reason for shutting down main event. This whole "shut it and superstars down and use Smackdown to build and showcase talent" argument is just IWC hot air.

    Main Event and Superstars fill an important role for the WWE. They are the shows used to test out new things from the talent, as well as to allow talent to gain experience performing in front of live crowds in big arenas and give guys who don't get a chance to shine on RAW or Smackdown a stage. Cesaro was Mr. Main Event for all of 2013 and most of 2014 for example. That show was his yard. Plus it serves as the wrestling heavy show to cater to the half of the fanbase that wants long wrestling matches on a regular basis. Smackdown should also be used to showcase talent yes, but Main Event and Superstars fill an important role that shouldn't be over looked.

    Leave RAW and Smackdown as the shows to push stories on. Keep Main Event and Superstars as the "wrestling" shows. All four shows, no matter the channel they air on serve a purpose, not to mention make WWE money.

    Also, I did not know you apparently sit on the viewer numbers for the Network. And here I thought that the network had helped the WWE triple in value in quarter 4 of 2014, which the public numbers show.
  18. I see that Main Event may be more interesting to keep but Superstars still doesn't fill the shoes for a 2nd B show.

    Main Event likely draws big numbers in terms of live viewer-ship and likely VoD viewer-ship. So it get's advertised on WWE TV and has storyline angles on the show. Superstars on the other hand hasn't even been mentioned to be on the WWE Network for a long while now. Not only that but it's usually recaps and promotion rather than wrestling matches. The few that are on there do little to try something new or give exposure to guys like Zack Ryder, Darren Young or David Otunga, but rather give it to wrestlers who wrestle frequently on RAW, SmackDown and Main Event.
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