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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Brad., Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. Shield vs. Wyatts! Anyone got a stream they could link me to? Just started.
  2. Got one now. Hope this is as good as the match at EC.
  3. lol @ all you missing this gold
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  4. Shield won. Ambrose is dying.
  5. I wanted to watch, but couldn't find a stream in time, so decided to watch it tomorrow. I'm sure it was great.
  6. Swagger v Ziggler just happened - won't spoil it for you. Now it's Rusev v Sin Cara.
  7. Sounds like a pretty fun show.
  8. The job squad in full action tonight! Only missing Ryder and 3MB.
  9. Another great match from the Wyatts and Shield, does Ambrose have busted ribs?
  10. I read somewhere that Ambrose was just selling the beating that he took really well so I think he is fine dude.

    The Shield Vs. The Wyatt's was another strong clash between the two super-groups. All I will say though is that I thought the match was probably the weakest of the three clashes but hey at least The Shield picked up a win against them finally. Ziggler jobbing to Swagger is a damn shame but I do understand that Swagger needs to be built up a bit as a singles competitor especially considering he is now feuding with Cesaro, Swagger needs to appear like a legitimate threat heading in to the Extreme Rules PPV. Sin Cara jobbing to Rusev in under a minute...:lol1:.
  11. That Shield vs Wyatt match-up was awesome. Literally JUST finished it and came to post a thread and found this one. That Shield promo in ring after the match, @Dolph'sZiggler - you need to check out Reign's sexy ass in that promo. "Whats my name?" Ladies scream. Shoulda said "Whats ma motherfuckin name?" IMO lol. Rollins fucked up for a sec in the promo and forgot the "in" in injustice once there, he caught it, but it was too late haha. Ambrose did a HELL of a job selling that injury at the end, almost to a comical point but he used it in his part of the promo - well done. First time I seen someone counter sister abigail like that (Ambrose). Rollins hitting the over the top move on Rowan and just exploding with emotion on the outside in front of the camera after (would be such a cool gif). Just a hell of a match. Sorry for the tag @Crayo , but you don't know what you are missing on this newer WWEN backed Main Event. All you Ambrose marks (that you too @CM Punk ?) should be loving this match.
  12. lol @ swagger trying to use "we the people" and getting almost no response
  13. Rusev vs Sin Cara should have taken place right at the start, that would have made that Shield Match more entertaining coming off a jobber squash match. Swagger vs Ziggler was great, I think Swagger was slightly slower than Ziggler, if you notice the victory roll almost botched and any time Swagger went for a lift, either to the flapjack or for Ziggler to apply a hold, his reaction time was down, I put it to Mania
  14. Loved the shield vs wyatt more than most main events on raw. Ambrose was funny, even seth had trouble not laughing during the promo.
  15. "You guys handle the promo" - Breaking Kayfabe to get smark viewers...?
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  16. Fantastic showing from both Wyatts and Shield, the promo post match was great, The Shield so damn arrogant, heels being faces
  17. Love the shield Ric, Love the shield
  18. I am a Wyatt man, Believe in the Crab

  19. It was a pretty good main event, especially kicking off with Shield v Wyatt.
    Was weird seeing Swagger get Ziggler in the patriot lock so quick. I would've thought a booked loss for Swagger but whatever NBD.
    Rusev's squashing of Sin Cara should've been opener, then Swagger/Zig and then Shield v Wyatt III in the Main Event.
  20. Hehe, the Main Event of Main Event eh? All matches are main events on this show, bwahahahaha.
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