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    First let me start off by saying fuck Immortal and screw Fortune. This was the greatest stable in TNA. These guy's were legitimately badass. I'm pretty sure that Sting or Angle was World Heavyweight Champ at the time and Booker T introduced the Legends Championship (Now TV Championship). The focus and spotlight were on them and I remember them just demolishing the roster.

    What were your thoughts on the stable?

    Stable Members throughout time:
    Kurt Angle (Original leader and again became leader after expelling Sting from the group)
    Sting (Became leader after he defeated Kurt Angle at Sacrifice 2009)
    Kevin Nash
    Booker T
    Scott Steiner
    Samoa Joe
    Traci Brooks (TNA Knockout representative)
    Sharmell (Booker T's valet)
    Jenna Morasca (Kevin Nash's valet)
    Taz (Samoa Joe's advisor)
    Sally Boy (Security guard)
    Big Rocco (Security guard)



  2. Loved it, needed more young talent though as it just looked pointless in the end.
  3. Never got to see this as I didn't watch TNA at the time, I read little bits on the Dirt Sheets. Wish I watched iMPACT now.
  4. :damn: these guys were bosses. Remember when these guy's demolished Christian Cage.
  5. Think I may be able to download the episodes from somewhere. :otunga:
  6. On Zune.
  7. Thanks for the video champ.
  8. Lol TNA commentary has always been so bad.
  9. Kevin Nash look's like a priest.
  10. I don't mind TNA commentary.
  11. Are you deaf?
  12. Just because I didn't mind it doesn't mean I like it. Gosh! :emoji_grin:ynamite: