Main Event results Jan. 9 (spoilers, obviously)

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  2. I guess it's only an hour show but win via countout? :pity:
  3. Wade VS Santino?
    8-10 mins?
  4. I know, right? :haha:
  5. Has Ziggler ever beaten Sheamus even by DQ? Swear they have fought at least 15 times in the last year and Ziggler hasn't won once.
  6. This should be good for a laugh.
  7. Doesn't sound a very good show, at least Barrett won.
  8. Yeah, to me it sounds like a lackluster show. Having Big E "show a little personality" should possibly be entertaining to see how they do that, but otherwise it seems kind of "meh" overall.
  9. You can never judge a show just by keynote spoilers in my opinion. I am gonna watch it. Who knows what will be added in post production or what elements the person on site forgot to mention.
  10. Oh yeah, I'll still watch it. Just won't expect too much out of it, so if it is better than I expect I can be pleasantly surprised. :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. :gtfo:

    I need a glaring smiley.... something besides just :tough: .
  12. That's the mentality I have with most spoilerd shows. Like Smackdown for example. I am more often than not pleasantly surprised by it. Either by match quality or some form of detail that was left out of the spoilers.
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