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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Pop Tatari, Mar 29, 2015.

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  1. Who do you guys think should be challenging for the strap of the current roster and what guys would you like to see be brought into from outside to challenge?
  2. Jay Lethal. List starts and ends there.
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  3. Lethal would/will be awesome to watch. AJ could be fun also. If properly build, Chris Daniels getting a try for the belt he never held would be a fun match/story. Roddy's probably getting a shot soon also, wouldn't complain. As far as outside talent, I guess quite a few NJPW guys vs Briscoe would be fun to watch.
  4. Lethal's a definite, AJ would be someone possibly.. idk there's not a whole lot.
  5. Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal and Ciampa, if he was staying with ROH.

    Brought from the outside...I would say Busick, Gulak and Johnny Gargano. But they aren't really over outside of places like CZW, PWG and WWN promotions.
  6. Mark Briscoe as a main event singles star?

  7. Think of the promos:russo:
  8. Lethal, Roddy, Daniels, I mean I'd like to see pretty much all of these guys (that you folks have also mentioned) in the ME scene.

    Seeing El Patron there would be sweet, as well.
  9. Wouldn't be bad if it mean't he was gonna be feuding with Jay Briscoe. At least I think so.
  10. It has already been done like 3 times. And no offense to Mark but he doesn't have the intensity and feel of a main eventer like Jay does.

    Mark fits well into the midcard, which also lends itself to his more comedy based style.
  11. I'm sure if you give the man front teeth he'll look more imposing.
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