Main Event star appearing at NXT tapings (Not John Cena)

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Star Lord, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Just shoot me now.
  2. Meh could help young talent get over, and maybe with the right ones, they can make him look good.
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    Main Event star? :gtfo:
    Jobber at best.
  4. There is always a main roster top star at the NXT tapings. They usually just show up either in a backstage promo or a dark segment to please the live crowd. No need to hate for something that won't affect the show.
  5. Bring the shied/wyatt family. Or feed him with bo.

    Now srsly I can see a Maddox vs ryback. He'll in a cell you know
  6. Do you seriously think Ryback will work a match? Cena didn't work a match at the latest tapings nor the first time he showed up. The first time he was on NXT he appeared in a backtage promo and now he will have a dark segment/talk show segment with Sandow.

    People need to stop saying that main roster talent on NXT is only bad. The only time it has been bad was that pre-Wrestlemania episode otherwise the main guys tend to stay out of the way of the younglings.
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  7. English please and thank you.
  8. Hell in a cell* fuck autocorrection.
  9. No harm there, curious to see whether he'll be on screen or not.
  10. I'd love a match with PAC.
  11. Pac would fuck Ryback up.
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