Spoiler Main Events for Lockdown PPV revealed

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    I cant wait to see how they split up Storm and Gunner, and it's a shame Joe has to be the one to lose to Magnus for now. They really use his character poorly.
  3. Sounds good, and I hope they really build up the midcard feuds next like they did brilliantly at Genesis.
  4. Jesus this gets old, heel stable Vs face stable storyline again? Yeah the Lockdown PPV is usually A team Vs B Team but this feels like it will be dragged out like the Aces and Eights.
  5. There are two Lockdowns?
  6. Storm's gonna turn heel?

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  7. About damn time tbh.
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  8. Can't wait to see how they play out Storm and Gunner breaking up their Team....

    Shame Joe's gonna lose....But someones gotta do it.

    Hope they Build these matches and the undercard up to be worth watching....
  9. Team Dixie is Roode, Aries, Robbie E and Jesse Godderz, not like it says in the OP.

    EC3 is battling Angle at the show, while Storm is battling Gunner.
  10. It's been a good long 5 years, now assuming you keep being as awesome as you were on Thursday night... welcome back to the ME Scene, Samoa Joe. We missed you buddy.
  11. GO JOE GO! Damn, glad to see Joe getting a push, he truly should get the title which could and should lead to a change in TNA allowing since Dixie wouldn't have her "champion" anymore and Samoa Joe along with others could name a new GM not allowing Dixie to control the show anymore. Would love to see that.
  12. Magnus/Joe will have some stipulation added, plus it being a cage match.
  13. Add Angle vs. EC3, shocked storm is a heel now
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