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  1. If you think about it, TNA could have that kind of awesome main events almost every week, bi-weekly at worst.

    I mean, you just put Aries in the main event slot and the quality is guarranted. Or just rotate Sabin, Styles, Daniels, Joe, Kaz, Roode and Magnus. Sometimes, add Bully, Hardy or Angle to the mix and it'd be perfect.

    So TNA, more main events like that from now! It created a lots of buzz in the industry, and rightfully so. Awesome match.

    Here's the X Division match main event (minus the first two mins)
  2. TNA X Division Champion Chris Sabin joined Busted Open Radio to discuss his thoughts on the main event from last Thursday's IMPACT.

    On his three-way match with Austin Aries and Manik:
    "Well, yeah it ended up being that way (a singles with Aries), Sabin vs. Aries thanks to Aces and Eights interfering of course as they usually do. Luckily, the Main Event Mafia came out there and kept them at bay so I was able to just be—after they injured TJ or Manik whichever name you want to go by now. After they injured him, and we were able to actually have a wrestling match with no interference, so that was—that was something special to me because it was just a straight up wrestling match. And we got to do it just one on one and you don’t get to see many one on one in the X Division nowadays with the three way rule. So it was pretty cool."

    On doing the 'Hail Sabin' off the second rope:
    "Yeah, it was reckless. Obviously, we beat each other up pretty bad but you know you had to. The stakes were huge, it was for the X division title and Destination X is only a couple weeks away. And whoever has the X division title when that event rolls around can exchange it for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. So obviously you could see how much it meant to me and Austin in the ring."

    On the three-way match being a possible contender for Match of the Year and people not seeing the match because it aired on a holiday:
    "Well, I mean if people didn’t get to see it hopefully they got to DVR it or record it or whatever and watch it later. If they can’t then hopefully it at least created some sort of buzz around the show. You know what I mean, that people will want to tune into the feature because hopefully they can see more matches between myself and Aries again."

    On coming back, winning the title, losing the title and then winning again creating the buzz:
    "I think so too. I think that all the twists and turns makes everything unexpected. It makes you anticipate seeing what’s next. It makes you want to see the show. Yeah I think that just the last couple of months have been really good and I have been really enjoying everything I have been doing."

    If there was ever any doubt that he would be in a position to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title again:
    "I’ve never been in this position before, really. I’ve never had a World Title shot actually. I’ve been in TNA for over ten years and have never gone for the World Title once. So this is—I’m happy just to be in this position. I’m happy to see that my hard work, everything that all my dedication over the last ten years is starting to pay off."

    Credit to Pro Wrestling Dot Net
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