Summerslam Main Reason I'm More Excited For SummerSlam Than Usual

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. It's no secret that I'm really excited for SummerSlam this year. There is something that the Golden Era and the Attitude Era had that WWE today sorely lacks and that is compelling midcard feuds. Usually, today's midcard feud would just either be a couple of matches and then a grudge match at the PPV, or just two guys arguing over something stupid. There are already 2 midcard feuds that I am really excited about and they are Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes and Kane vs. Bray Wyatt. I'm excited for Kane vs. Bray Wyatt because they are two compelling characters, Kane as the monster and Wyatt as the nightmarish, freaky guy, going into a match that fits these two characters perfectly. Not to mention fire. As for Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes, I'm not yet sure if it will be over the breifcase and I'm not sure if it matters. Two former best friends, one screws another and costs him the moment of his career to win Money In The Bank. Then the other guy steals the breifcase and throws it into the gulf of Mexico as his former friend watches. It's since become personal, what with the "family of clowns" thing. SummerSlam should be great.
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  2. The fact that neither of those feuds are for a mid-card belt shows that WWE still have a long way to go...

  3. Um, what? Why the hell would adding the IC or US titles help any of these feuds in any way?
  4. I'm not referring to the existing fueds you're discussing but the fact that WWE are still incapable of having good feuds for their mid-card championships, let alone feuds for the championships at all..
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  5. I think the WHC is like the Intercontinental champion now even though that makes no sense as he's suposed to be world champion.
  6. Totally agree. Think we had a thread a little while ago about "what was the last mid-card feud you enjoyed?" For most of us it went back to 2010 or 2011, and even longer before that. Looking back over Summerslam history there isn't a single one I've enjoyed since I got back into wrestling, unless you count stuff like WHC matches. It's known for having a HUGE Main Event and a completely half-assed undercard, so this is such a huge breath of fresh air. And the feud is really good, too! It feels personal. Bray Wyatt's character is equally wonderful, and the return of Monster Kane doesn't hurt either.

  7. Oh, I see. Sorry, misunderstood.
  8. Yeah, it's great to see two midcard feuds being compelling and interesting, I'm looking forward to both matches a lot as well.
  9. I'm excited because it's the best build in several years as we're getting two fresh and somewhat unpredictable matches as our double main event. The last time there was a Summerslam with this sort of great build was probably 2002 with Brock/Rock (the culmination of Lesnar's rocket push) and Triple H/Shawn Michaels (a dream match half a decade in the making and the long awaited in-ring return of HBK.) The undercard to that was damn good as well and it currently sits as my favorite Summerslam, but this year could end up topping it.

    This year, we're getting John Cena/Daniel Bryan and CM Punk/Brock Lesnar, two fresh matches that we have not seen before (Cena and Bryan wrestling on Velocity ten years ago means nothing, especially when both guys have far more star power and have grown and improved as performers since that time) and there isn't any real certainty as to who will win either match. Plus, both feuds have a similarity in that Bryan's journey is about going from wrestling in high school gyms and the indies to now wrestling for the big leagues and challenging for the WWE Title against John Cena... and then we have Brock Lesnar mocking CM Punk on Smackdown for being someone who was wrestling in gyms in front of a crowd capacity of 100 people while he (Brock) was winning the NCAA Championship and the WWE Title. There's also the history of how both Punk and Bryan, while both huge superstars in the indies like ROH, were believed by Vince and other WWE officials to lack what it took to be future top stars in WWE. That's been well documented recently on TV - and it was part of what the Summer Of Punk was based on as well two years ago - with Heyman bringing it up to Punk on Raw and Bryan calling out Vince for believing as Maddox did that he was too small and also lacked the Corporate look of a top superstar and champion, as we saw last week with ordering him to shave off his beard.

    If all of this is supposed to culminate in Bryan and Punk picking up huge victories (the biggest victories of their careers yet) in their respective main events, then the theme song "Reach For The Stars" makes sense since it's supposed to be about finally reaching what seemed previously like an impossible or improbable dream. Then again, last year's theme was "Don't Give Up" and the main event saw Triple H giving up to Lesnar lol.

    Elsewhere, there's Kane/Wyatt, an intense feud between two dark souls. There's Sandow/Rhodes, the breaking apart of two former friends in a mid card feud that should make both guys feel more relevant. There's Ziggler and Katilyn/Langston and AJ, the culmination of two feuds at once. There's Del Rio/Christian (don't like Del Rio jobbing twice to Christian in non-title matches before the PPV, but it should still be a good match if nothing else), etc. Should easily be the best PPV of the year so far.
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