Main roster talent confirmed for this weeks NXT tapings

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 5, 2012.

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  2. The food trucks must make a killing if Ryback pays them a visit.
  3. "What do you want sir?"

    :ryback: "FEED ME MORE!"
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    :emoji_grin:AFUQ: dude why are you sweating?
  5. Two faces. Hmm. What heels do you put them up against?
  6. Rybane and Jinder, since they're feuding I think. Possibly have him run out after Jinder attacks someone and I'm assuming Cara and Hunico.
  7. Ryback and Mahal. Botch Cara and someone..
  8. Nice to know.
  9. I think the rookies would be safer with Ryback in the ring while his stomach is growling then with Sin Cara and his botches. Oh well, good luck to everyone there, hope no one gets hurt...
  10. Ryback > Cara
  11. NXT had McIntyre a while back, look's like a mini-smackdown if Ryback and Cara are also there. Wheres Boookaaa?! (DDP voice)
  12. Funny stuff
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