Main Stables?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by FailFaceFTW, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Unlike TNA, WWE has never had two main stables at the same time, and made them go at it. TNA had Fortune and Immortal, but all WWE had was the Corre and the Nexus, but they only fought at the Royal Rumble. If there was a stable war in WWE, who would you want in the stables to fight against each other?
  2. Guess you forgot DX vs NOD, Los Barricuas vs DOA.
  3. Corporation vs MOD, before they merged ofc.

    Corporation vs DX as well to some extent.
  4. Los Barracus versus the DOA was so boring.
  5. Agreed, but it happened.
  6. The Alliance vs Team WWF?
  7. WWE people. Not WWF, that happened plenty of times in WWF, but what about WWE?
  8. The history of the WWF carries over to the WWE. They are not two separate entities.
  9. I know that, But I'm talking about today's WWE, not the past.
  10. Legacy vs the Mcmahons
  11. DX vs Spirit Squad.
  12. 3MB vs 3 count
  13. Does that really count?

    It's never been the focal point of a show though. There has been small groups vs small groups, but not like dominant heel stable vs super face stable or anything similar to Fortune vs Immortal.
  14. Nation of domination vs dx again.
  15. I like how people try and argue my point of what I said, instead of actually giving a legitimate response. And Danielson, did you read what I said on the first page?
  16. How aren't we giving you legitimate responses. Every single one of our responses are legitimate. The WWE and the WWF are the same thing. And yes all of this is in the past, just like all TNA's stable vs stable feuds are in the past.
  17. Okay, let me make this as clear as I can. If a Immortal vs Fortune type thing would happen in CURRENT WWE, who would you want on teams.
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