Mainstream's Top 20 Current Wrestlers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mainstream87, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. I was bored and i decided to make a list of the top wrestlers in my opinion. Don't care if you hate on it, this is my list. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Top 20 current wrestlers
    20. Alex Shelley
    19. Roderick Strong
    18. Jay Lethal
    17. Charlie Haas
    16. Christian
    15. Dolph Ziggler
    14. Chris Jericho
    13. Samoa Joe
    12. Kazarian
    11. Evan Bourne
    10. Chris Hero
    9. Tyson Kidd
    8. Chris Sabin
    7. Aj Styles
    6. CM Punk
    5. Christopher Daniels
    4. Davey Richards
    3. Austin Aries
    2. Kurt Angle
    1. Daniel Bryan
  2. Evan Bourne is current?

    I should post my own list too.
  3. Yes, hes active and not retired. I don't exclude him for being suspended/injured.
  4. Jericho higher than Punk.
  5. With all my respect to Evan Bourne i don't think he is better than Dolph Ziggler or Chris Jericho
  6. Chris Jericho 10 years ago would be higher on my list for sure. Evan Bourne is highly talented, and showcased that in the indys.
  7. Nice list, you didn't include Cena, You have my ultimate respect.
  8. Decent list :emoji_slight_smile:
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