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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. Hello, I'm back for another question.
    During Pay-Per-View main events, what makes for a fantastic finish? Are you someone who enjoys false finishes back and forth? Do you like a little corruption in there? Do you appreciate a traditional finish, with two men fighting with a clear cut winner? What to you makes for the absolute best finish to a main event match? You can brainstorm your own, I just threw out a few examples to get the ample mind flowing.
  2. I think each match needs to have an appropriate finisher. If the match is built as just two guys fighting to see who's best, it has to have a clean finish. If a match is heavily involved in a complicated storyline that has many sub-archs, then yeah, it's going to have tons of interference but that's by design. I'm normally not annoyed by undecisive finishers, they're there to tell a story.
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  3. So you believe it's circumstantial, and I do agree with that assessment. In your perfect match though, what would you prefer? If you could design the build up to the finish.
  4. I enjoy clean finishes more, admittedly (as long as it makes sense in the match), stuff like the babyface finally winning the match with the same move the heel first got the heat on him with, that sort of finish that is a great ending to a story that doesn't need explaining.
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  5. While clean finishes are great, the most memorable endings are generally from something happening in the end of the match. Shit like Mr. McMahon turning on Rock and aligning with SCSA at Wrestlemania. or the Montreal Screwjob. or Kevin Nash breaking Goldberg's streak because Scott Hall tazed him.
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  6. Depends. I more prefer clean finishes at big Pay-Per-Views like Summerslam, or Wrestlemania just to end a feud there and not to drag it out. On small Pay-Per-Views, it can be a dirty finish as long as it's done right and makes the feud look more interesting. The one thing that I do hate though, is when no side wins and it's a draw for a main event. That one bugs me a lot, I don't care if it's a championship match ending by DQ, but having no winner at all bugs me.
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  7. The only kinds of finishes I hate in a main event match are ones where a guy absolutely destroys the other during the match with big moves, only to be beat with something stupid like a sunset flip or taps out in 2 seconds. That shit drives me nuts.
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  8. I agree with Dolph's that matches where something controversial happens at the end tend to be the ones you remember the most. I would add the MITB 2011 with Punk winning the title and walking off with it to the list. Also an ending where someone wins a world championship for the first time in a big moment. Like "the boyhood dream coming true" for Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 12 or the beginning of the Stone Cold Era at Wrestlemania 14 or Daniel Bryan defeating Cena for the WWE Title at Summerslam this year and chanting YES along with the entire arena (the HHH/Orton heel turns were technically of a separate match, but even that was memorable as it had everybody talking and anticipating Raw the next day.)

    For me, I enjoy about any kind of finish as long as it makes since in the context of that specific match. But my favorites are ones like mentioned in the first paragraph and ones where they go back and forth and hit each other with finishers over and over again (Austin/Rock at WM X-7 or Cena/Punk on Raw earlier this year) because those things happen only in the BIG big matches where a lot is at stake.
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  9. I honestly enjoy the longer matches that have numerous long 2 counts. The back and forth stuff gets me pretty excited by the finale. If the guy I was rooting for comes out on top I usually jump up and yell in those situations.
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