Ring of Honor Major announcement to be made this week

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. According to Pwinsider and Court Bauer (who works for ROH), a major announcement that will push the company forward will be made this week.

    What oh what could it be?
  2. Ice Cream bars!
  3. Maybe they're sold again.
  4. Return of Punk? :hmm:
  5. They finally got an actual tv deal?
  6. wait, Pop Tatari and Candy Colored Clown are TWO DIFFERENT MEMBERS? Mind blown.
  7. Looking forward to the announcement.
  8. we're conjoined twins.
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  9. which one of you rulez?
  10. Me obviously:otunga:
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