Major changes to NXT taping.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 12, 2012.

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  1. PWtorch reports that NXT is to expect a notable change in it's recording process. Apparently NXT will stop being filmed on the road before Smackdown events and instead be filmed at the Full Sail University campus in Winter Park, Florida. The reasoning for this is to give NXT a consistent crowd and more easily incorporate FCW talent into the program, getting them ready for the leap into WWE regular. This will also mean NXT returning to classic TV though on which network has not yet been revealed.

    I see both positives and negatives with this. A positive is that it eases the WWE workload when it comes to bringing in new talent. Instead of flying them in for a NXT or Superstars taping wherever they now just have a short trip from Tampa to Winter Park. It also allows NXT to have a creative team dedicated solely to it, as well as getting more of a ECW feel, being showed in the same arena every show. The crowd, consisting mainly of college students could also be a lively bunch.

    Negatives is of course that the Smackdown crowds will be even worse now. If one looks at a Smackdown episode one can see that the fans do not move or react much during Smackdown, during NXT which is taped before though. The fans are very much alive.

  2. I take it this was Hunter's idea
  3. Swear I already posted this.
  4. It's a nice change in my opinion. More active crowds and easier for the talent. And it'll be back to TV too! I think it'll work for the best.
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