Major Concern Over WWE's Hectic Schedule

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. No shit. Putting all SD stars on RAW as well.. Fix it please.
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  2. Superstars did it before the brand split and they were going through hell of alot more than the superstars today do. Chairshots and tables were pretty regular in those days
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  3. Well here's an idea WWE, I know it's weird but, why don't you NOT show Cena every week, CM Punk makes sense since he is the champion, but there are also tons and tons of superstars they dont use. Instead of having Cena, Tensai, Sheamus, and Cole last monday, why not put Yoshi, Tyson Kidd, Swagger, and Otunga? WWE just needs to get their shit together.
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  4. Tyson definitely, but Otunga and Tatsu? nah. Swagger, im not quite sold on, i see great potential in him, but his mic skills are terrible. He's kinda screwed because of that lisp. Plus he kind of spazzy. What's up with the stomping and opening his mouth real wide?
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  5. It's not a big deal Tbh. I mean it's just a monday/tuesday schedule. J\\
  6. I wonder how long before cena just breaks down and cant do it anymore :upset:
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  7. Supermen don't break down. :win:

  8. Kryptonite

  9. Swagger's screwed because of a barely noticeable lisp? Dusty Rhodes has a horrendous lisp and still was one of the most over guys ever. Swagger's problem is being booked as a heel and a idiot. Swagger needs to refind his focus he had as ECW champ cause he was really entertaining to watch then and I personally think that he would do much better as a face. He has showed that he has some good charisma and mic skills when playing the good guy on his youtube show among other things.

    But yeah this problem for WWE could be solved by calling up some new talent and focusing more segments on the lower card instead of the main eventers every week. How are you suppose to get a deep roster when the talent pool you have are not allowed to work?
  10. Classic WWE. Has a thin roster because they don't build up talent, and instead of building up talent in times of need, they just make the main eventers work both shows. These guys are going to get injured, and then I want to see what they're going to do.
  11. Words can't describe how irritated I am by this. You have so many talented guys who just need to be given time, and yet, they decide that they're better off just overworking their top guys - causing them to be over exposed.

    Ziggler is a prime example. One of the best workers in the entire company and the crowd are into him. I'm sure he would absolutely love to be given more time, it would benefit him so so much, it would benefit the viewer a lot and it would benefit the top guys a lot.

    Seriously, WWE have totally lost the plot. This supershow thing is a disaster and they need to go back to having a brand split. "If it ain't broke why fix it?"
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  12. This.

    I literally said something along the lines of this in another thread. WWE needs to start building up more talent and pushing new guys and not just working their 5 big guys and making them seem like the only people who matter.
  13. This is gonna be a disaster theres gonna be more injuries to top stars with them working both brands. WWE need to sort this out fast
  14. Maybe they can go back to the Supershow after the roster starts to heal up a little bit?

    We can only hope.
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