Major Creative Shake Up

Discussion in 'RAW' started by leojay, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Oh shit.
  2. Oh boy....
  3. What's the matter chief?
  4. It'd be funny if they re-hired Vince Russo.
  5. That's going to make tonight interesting....
  6. Damn! That's huge news.
  7. He wants results, or he wants resignations dammit. Vince McMahon laying the smackdown his entire life.
  8. FIFY.


  9. So, where do I send my resume?

  10. Thanks! :tough:
  11. WWE corporate site I'd guess

    They are actually looking to hire writers :dawg:
  12. I already submitted my resume.
  13. This is going to get good.
  14. Or just give it to Paul Heyman :smug:
  15. Does this actually mean that tonight's RAW is written by someone else?
  16. Nice fail. :smug1:
  17. Vince is probably starting the 5th rewrite as we type anyway.
  18. It means that this weeks RAW was written so poorly by the head writer he was fired :dawg:
  19. It gets rewritten during the show, so I doubt it'll be any different. He still has his job.
  20. Do they accept college-level writers? XDD
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