Major Details Announced For #TNANYC Tapings!

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Dec 30, 2014.

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    UPDATED at 8:35PM CST.

    The wait is almost over as #DestinationIMPACT is LIVE on Wednesday, January 7 from the famed Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom as TNA IMPACT Wrestling debuts on Destination America. The main event is the epic rematch between the two best wrestlers in the business right now - Roode vs. Lashley III for the World Heavyweight Title. just learned more details about the Thursday event in NYC and want to share them first with you.

    On Thursday, January 8 at the Manhattan Center, the Wolves will face The Hardys. During the summer and fall of 2014, tag team wrestling came alive but it first started in NYC when these same two teams first clashed at Destination X. On that night, the Wolves won the first meeting and this match on January 8 is the Hardy’s chance to even the score.

    UPDATE: On Friday, January 9th, TNA is bringing the six-sides of steel for an episode of Impact. For the first time ever, LOCKDOWN will be on broadcast TV with every match contested inside the steel cage during this very special episode on Destination America. The first place you can see this great night of action is LIVE in NYC.

    Get your tickets now for these three great nights!

    Keep your eye out here on, on Twitter at @IMPACTWRESTLING, TNA President @TNADixie for more details as the anticipation grows!


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