News Major error during RAW main event

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 5, 2013.

  2. That commercial break couldn't have came at a worse time,I wanted to see Ambrose walk to the ring.:sad:
  3. Didn't notice anything, thought the ad break was well-timed.
  4. There should never, ever, be an ad-break during the main event. Whether it's a match or a talking segment. Get your shitty commercials out the way during the show and leave the main event ad-free.
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  5. It was extremely noticeable. Didn't know what was going on or if they were just being stupid and cutting to commercial at a shitty time.
  6. Somebody's ass is getting fired for real now lol
  7. Comercial break,OFC:facepalm1::russo::hmm:
  8. You know what the main event needs? A stereotypical Popeyes ad:cole:
  9. "Are you black? Do you like fried chicken? Of course you do, what were we thinking!? Come on down to Popeyes for the most mouth watering fried chicken you can get with welfare checks. Don't forget your side of watermelon!"

    Wow, what was that? I blacked out for a minute.

    EDIT: LOL "blacked out". Totally used that by coincidence.
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  10. And the slogan is "Mmm mmm mmm, you know ya niggas love my chicken"
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  11. You can hate all you want, i love that woman.
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  12. Does she make you feel in touch with your inner wigga?
  13. Buncha racists on this thread. :pity2:

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  14. She makes me feel satisfied for as little as 3.99.
  15. Spending way too much time chatting with #RacistBrita I see :hmm:
  16. Bah, I'm American. We're born that way I thought.
  17. All people hate Canadians, so Senhor Perfect can work against any cause.
  18. Didn't notice it too much tbh
  19. For just that sentence you know why Americans are the worlds most hated.
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