Major heat on Ryback once again after Raw!

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  1. Just read this off the feed page on my facebook account
    There's major heat on Ryback over the table spot with CM Punk last night on Raw. Ryback’s only job was to put Punk through the table. As seen on Raw, not only did Ryback not direct Punk but he turned his wrist at the last second and caused Punk to almost miss the table and barely catch any of it on the way down. The nasty bump caused Punk to be legitimately busted open and receive medical attention backstage. Word backstage is rather than apologize, Ryback told a producer that Punk quote “should have bumped better.” When Punk found out about this he and Ryback ended up having words over it and almost coming to blows when Curtis Axel stepped in and tried to play the role of peace maker. Triple H ended up getting involved, pulling Ryback aside and speaking with him behind closed doors.

    ^^^ Wow Ryback really is pushing his luck he nearly injuries Daniel Bryan a few weeks back with that table spot and now this week he nearly injuries CM Punk with that table spot. HHH in his face once again I dont understand why Ryback hasent been de pushed hes clearly a liability. And this is not me hating Ryback im just stating the facts
  2. Facebook isn't a reliable source but whatever.

    He should have heat he is a bag of shit.
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  3. Damn Ryback should stop doing these stuff. IF he goes too far, he might end up fired, and I really don't wanna see that happen.
  4. Ryback clearly is jealous that hes not main eventing for the title anymore so hes taking it out on whoever has the top spot now well Ryback needs to stop doing this as hes gonna end up fired
  5. Ryback doesn't have heat on him, relax.
  6. He has heat, Believe me.
  7. I can believe this, because during the moment in NOC, when he put Punk through the table, you could see blood from Punks back. To be honest if this is true (which i can see it being) he probably won't be here much longer.
  8. Get off the Big Guys dick. He's a legend and you know it
  9. Even though the source is an unkown Facebook page I believe this. I don't think any major actions are going to be taken against Ryback though as Mr.McMahon is still very fond of him.
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  10. Ut-oh, Facebook said it!! That's even worse than dirtsheets, which are all full of shit. Someone always has "MAJOR HEAT ON THEM" and it's always a completely bullshit story made-up by losers.

    The real story is that this ditz has major heat on her for her constant stream of stupid shit that she posts. I'm only here 2 days and I had it sorted out on day 1.
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  11. Yes it is. It's news.
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  12. From Facebook? fuck you
  13. Google the paragraph. It's posted in lots of places.
  14. Too much work. How about we just ban the retard who can't post sources?
  15. #ReasonsWhyDolphIsntMod

    It's not like every piece of news posted here - even with sources - is accurate. It's there to create discussion. The spot was genuinely reckless, and if that was Ryback's backstage reaction, then I'm curious as to what action members here think WWE should take (if any).
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  16. FINE

    you win this round bitch
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  17. I told you it was news thank you Crayo
  18. shut up fuck wad. Find a real source and I'll give a fuck
  19. Fuck so many threads by one person. Anyways Ryback is shit so shouldn't be wrestling anyways.
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