Major interest factors are missing from Raw.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. What happen to the hardcore match? What happen to table matches? What happen with good Diva matches and feuds? What happen to ladder matches? When was Raw's last street fight math? What happen to steel cage matches?

    Now almost every Raw and Smackdown are the same. We only get singles and tag team matches without much diversity.

    Years ago there were always a variety of matches to watch. Many of these matches are very popular. Who doesn't like a hardcore match? I think the lack of diversity has hurt the ratings. The viewers are watching the same match over and over again.

    Steel cage matches were much more common in the past. Now they are very rare. The last one I can remember was Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry.

    When we do see these matches then they are title matches. That's nice for a title match. These matches do not always need a title on the line. I think this has also contributed to the low ratings.

    I would like to see diversity return to the ring. It's hard to watch a wrestling show for many months to only see the same type of matches.
  2. I don't like hardcore matches. But that is more me just not liking the concept of hardcore wrestling over all. Hardcore matches loses the thrill of the competition and who is the better athlete and switches to focus to who can do the most insane spot. I'm all for insane spots as I am a big Hardy Boyz fan, I just don't like matches that only focuses on hurting the other guy more and causing inane amounts of blood.

    Match diversity is needed but we shouldn't get stipulation matches on every show cause that makes those matches plain like they were in the Attitude Era, there won't be any thrill to them if we get special stips every RAW or Smackdown. Instead they should be used to end long time feuds.
  3. I agree, the show is so generic. Even without predicting the feuds and wrestlers having matches we could easily predict the matches. It will be a few singles matches, a tag-team match and a tag-team main event match lol.
  4. I loved the days when you would have Ladder Matches on Raw, I think I remember Johnny Nitro and Jeff Hardy in a ladder match.
  5. They seem to want to save them for PPV's to have them more rare and enjoyable, but we hardly get them on PPV's now either, lol.
  6. I think the hardcore gimmick has been completely played out, but the predictibility, the stale characters, and the current match scripts have as well. Lets freshen up the characters and let the wrestlers go out there and wrestle, and trust them to put on entertaining matches themselves! They can do it.
  7. Speaking of freshened up characters. Reks and Hawkins were amazing this week on Smackdown.
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  8. The thing with Hardcore wrestling, when I look at the WWE roster. I don't notice anyone who look's Hardcore like Mick Foley?
  9. Ambrose!
  10. Well Yes, when he finally debut's whenever that is. :dawg:
  11. :emoji_slight_frown:

  12. Yeah lots of stuff are missing from RAW.
  13. Every match is the same.. i wish they would add some diversity in the stipulations.
  14. I agree but we don't need them all the time. I just think we need to do away with these random thrown together tag matches if WWE want a tag match then put some teams together and have a tag division it's not hard!
  15. I think you'll need to be optimistic with WWE creative team.
  16. You are the boss.............Get to work! :pity:
  17. The thing is it's not even hard. Have tournaments for the number one contender, have more midcard title defences, just have the matches mean SOMETHING.
  18. WWE went down the shit hole when APA broke up. The. When JBL began to wrestle WWE came back from the ashes. And now that JBL is gone WWE is shit again.
  19. I agree, we could use some more stipulations. They shouldn't overuse them, but it'd be nice to see them more often.

    And there was a Street Fight the other day with Sheamus vs Bryan on Raw, by the way.
  20. I'd like to see an I Quit match, that would really be nice.
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