Major name turns down WWE Hall of Fame induction

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Noooo I really want to see him inducted :((
  2. Wow. Quite shocked.
  3. Not really shocked, but I'm sad. :downer:
  4. :upset: why not
  5. I remember a thread on here during E.C. time that had Bruno Sommartino stating that he didn't want to be in the hall of fame. Watch Snooki get inducted into the Hall of Fame. :upset:
  7. Yesterday if I remember correctly you didn't know who Sammartino was..... :dafuq:

    And this doesn't come as a shock. Sammartino has beef with Vince so of course he would decline
  8. He's turned them down for years, don't know why they thought it would be any different this time.
  9. Me? I've always known who Sammartino was.. He used to be the face of the industy a long long time ago.
  10. YES! another great name turns down the joke that is the WWE HoF. He's a legend without it, so no worries there.
  11. I must have mixed you up with someone else.. Swear I told you who Sammartino was yesterday...
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