Major Plans Discussed for WM31

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., May 21, 2014.

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    I predicted Brock (c) v Reigns as soon as he broke the streak and still expect it to happen. I can see Rock putting Reigns over in the future when he's an established star, but Reigns needs to beat a heel first time. Hilarious if it happens as Reigns hasn't had a good singles match yet on the main roster, but if Vince wants him as #1 guy he'll do it.
  2. I'd be fine with Rock putting Reigns over as a big star. Not necessarily at this next WM, but some day.
  3. I'm down with Rock/Reigns. Wet panties everywhere.
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    lol Rock/Reigns. Major yawn. I also don't think working with THE ROCK is the best option to go with if you wanna put over Reigns as the new #1 babyface of the company at next year's Wrestlemania. Reigns should go over either John Cena or Brock Lesnar as his first big breakout moment as WWE Champion. I also couldn't give two shits about seeing The Rock win the strap again. It was cool to see it happen for the first time in 11 years in 2013, but the novelty and specialness of seeing Rock wear the title on his shoulder again has already wore off. They can always save Rock/Reigns for later on.
  5. Imagine how bad Rocky would tear Reigns apart on the mic.
  6. That's part of the reason the feud doesn't sound all that appealing to me, because they would book it as a sort of 'Respect' match between two babyfaces, and that means The Rock would be holding back big time when it came to tearing Reigns apart on the mic. Sure, at least Reigns wouldn't look completely outclassed as a result, but it would also makes the build less entertaining and thus harder to sit through. I know a rivalry with Cena would have the same sort of story behind it (the hungry young lion versus the experienced veteran), but at least Reigns would be guaranteed to get a huge babyface reaction against Cena unlike against The Rock.

    The feud technically makes perfect sense since Rock would actually be putting over (and I mean put over as in 'lose to') a younger superstar, and the fact the two share the same bloodline would make the respect moment after the match all the more significant. But meh. Reigns should win his first championship by taking down a heel like Lesnar or a guy who gets heel reactions from much of the crowd like Cena. I know the Ultimate Warrior won his first championship back in the day by going over a huge babyface like Hogan, but his crowd reactions were also rivaling those of Hogan at the time. Reigns' reactions aren't in any way comparable to those of Rock's yet.
  7. Doubt Reigns will be ready by 31. His reactions have dwindled imo recently with Ambrose and Rollins becoming a bigger focus in recent weeks for me from fans. Given time it will happen but atm The Shield helps disguise Reigns weaknesses and help him look strong. Alone I'm not sure yet.
  8. Arguably he will never be ready but Vince doesn't give because his look will draw £££
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  9. *$$$
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  10. I agree. Although with a match between he and Triple H rumored for Summerslam (and imo, a rematch inside the cell that will happen at the HIAC PPV in October as well, as well as a traditional Survivor Series elimination match between opposing teams captained by he and Triple H), that could do wonders for him as far as how people view him as a singles competitor and star goes.

    However, in case no one has caught on, we seem to be repeating the same cycle that we saw in terms of eras from the 80's/90's. We just had this generation's version of the Hulk Hogan Era with John Cena, and now it seems we're transitioning into the second coming of the New Generation Era, a period where people (to a large extent) preferred the smaller, more athletically gifted wrestlers (Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, etc.) over the bigger, more impressive looking guys (Lex Luger, Diesel, etc.) Just look at who the most popular guy in the company is. Like Hart, Bryan is gifted inside the ring but isn't exactly the most charismatic guy in the world, but in spite of that, he still pulls off the traditional babyface role and has the crowds behind him more than anyone else at the moment. Cesaro and Ziggler are other examples of guys who are gifted in the ring but not so much in the other areas.

    I know I seem to be rambling here a bit, but my point is, if it's the mid-90's all over again, then Reigns may end up being this generation's Diesel, the biggest guy of his era but also who may prove to be the least popular one as well when pushed to the top. Only time will tell, but if he doesn't end up reaching Bryan or even Punk's zenith of popularity (or if Rollins and/or Ambrose end up as bigger stars than him), I wouldn't be surprised.
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  11. I think Reigns will be ready for it by WM31, especially like a few people have said if they book it properly and set it up to where it would make sense. I doubt his first one would be for too long, he seems like he's going to be one of those guys who has multiple WWE/WHC runs throughout his career so I bet he'll end up losing it after a couple PPVs. Honestly for me it could go either way, I wouldn't mind a different champion by any means but I wouldn't necessarily turn away from Roman holding it.
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