Major push expected for Smackdown Star.

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  1. reports via Wrestlinginc that Vince has ordered Smackdown Creative to write new material for Ryback to give him a push. This to fill up the spot left by Randy Orton.

    Is Ryback ready for this? How big a push are we talking? Upper mid card or straight to main event? Discuss my peeps.

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    He needs a story-line, not a title feud imo. Have him end Big Show's run when Cena takes time off.
  3. I'd mark like hell for Ryback to hit his modified Muscle Buster on Big Show.
  4. I like Ryback, I hope it's an upper midcard push or something like that. I don't want him to flop, I hope they do a cool storyline with him.
  5. I could see him being an upper mid card guy, filling in for people when they're suspended or injured.
  6. Orton was rumored to feud with Jericho, Ziggler, and Del Rio, right?
    Wow. All three would be phenomenal opponents for Ryback.
  7. What if he destroys them all and grabs the mic and says; "FEED ME MORE."
  8. Cant stand Ryback hes just a goldberg wannabe
  9. I'd love to see him being pushed. It's great to see him uprising, let's just hope it goes to plan and hopefully it doesn't fail.
  10. Ryback > Goldberg :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. He shouldn't be going for the title for a while. put him into a good storyline. Use the streak as a storyline and let him make open challenges everyweek where anyone can battle him.

    Keep the mic away from him as much as possible, i like it when he just shouts inside the ring.
  12. Feed Ryback to ....... Gillberg!
  13. Not feeling his "streak". That's too similar to Goldberg.
  14. but all the lil kiddies weren't even born during the streak, so it's not like the majority of the audience will know. I like the streak gimmick.
  15. What if Ryback isn't satisfied by just winning...what if....he wants to eat his opponents and take their strength? But I think he should have a decent storyline, give him a long streak, then he loses finally, and he beats the person afterwards who gave him the loss then go after the title.
  16. :haha: :booker:
  17. Ryback sucks and the fact that Mcmahon wants him pushed show that he has not outgrown his body builder vision for a superstar
  18. "Feed me more" looks like they are going for a cannibal gimmick. Can you dig it Mike?

    :tyson: YES YES YES
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  19. Why not? Having him attempt to break Goldberg's record for longest unbeaten streak would be pretty awesome.
  20. [​IMG]

    Ryback nip slip xD
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