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  1. PWI

    Rocky fucking WWE over :dawg:



    Bullshit. He would let WWE have a look at it if that were the case.
  2. MASSIVE news for RAW, Show being re-written!

    Don't present this bullshit as being factual.
  3. PWInsider is the most reliable source. Fuck off.
  4. MASSIVE news for RAW, Show being re-written!

    Hahaha rock, you ass
  5. It is still a rumor dipshit.
  6. PWI too? This still feels fishy to me but starting not to be sure.
  7. Rock turns heel irl
  8. Heard this from a few other websites in the last 40 mins also. Was just bout to post but ninjad.
  9. Okay.
  10. :phew: Man they're shooting movies at his house?
  11. @Laura how does this make you feel? :emoji_grin:rPhil:
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  12. As I said in the Raw thread, almost certain this is WWE baiting the dirtsheets into producing this story in order to increase viewership. Nothing more IMO.
  13. Wow, if this is true, that is pathetic. The last person I would have expected this from is The Rock. I hope this is bait though.
  14. WWE trying to create some buzz for RAW after an abysmal WM, there's no reason for this to be true.
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  15. Is it wrong i hope its true? Im such a rock hater atm i couldnt think of anything better than him being gone.
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  16. and like i said in the discussion thread Fucking part timer :lol1:
  17. If The Rock seriously isn't there tonight, then what? Does it confirm this?
  18. Sad. I would've loved to see the Rock take one more hug, or even a beat down from Brock.
  19. or WWE found a really creative way to write Rocky off TV for a while, generate buzz and set up a return as a heel down the line.

    wait, wtf am I saying? Yes, it would be confirmed as true.
  20. He's been on the card for tonight's show, and still is.
    The sad thing is I really could see this going either way -- that he really did screw them over or that WWE is just spreading this shit out to the dirtsheets to start some buzz and get people talking. I feel like it's probably the latter though.
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