News Major Scott Hall HOF Update?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Mar 5, 2014.

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    - For what it's worth, reports that Sean Waltman wrestled the mainevent for Charro Mania Lucha Libre 2014 in Brownsville, TX this past Saturday and mentioned to fans that he will be at WrestleMania XXX this year to induct his friend Scott Hall into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame.

    As noted earlier, Hall has been rumored for several weeks to be one of this year's inductees.

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    Meh. It should be Kevin Nash who inducts Hall, no questions asked.
  3. X Pac?????? HBK or Nash are the only two that make sense.
  4. After what he's been through, I feel that DDP should induct both Jake and Scott if Scott does end up being inducted. Guy saved both of their lives. Even though Nash would be better, it would just mean more personally for Scott to have DDP induct him.
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  5. Wouldn't hurt my feelings
  6. It has to be Big Sexy.
  7. Outsiders: GOAT tag team or GOATEST tag team?
  8. Woohooo Razor Ramon,
    Definitely should let Big Sexy Diesel Money Money Kevin Nizzash induct him.
  9. Hall tweeted back to fans multiple times to "not believe what you read on the dirtsheets." That being said, Nash would be the one to induct hall, and he would have to go in first, if not having Hogan introduce the outsiders, that would be dope as hell. I pee'd a little in my pants just thinking about it. Wait, nope, not piss.
  10. I personally think you shouldn't take seriously from a dope head
  11. The person whose post you quoted is a heroin addict?
  12. Me? Nah X-Pac is a dope head, Why the fuck will WWE let X-Pac induct him? Shawn, HHH, DDP, Big D. Simple names i'd put in the hat.
  13. LMAO, could be the kliq inducting him, but he wont get to talk...he never does/should. Hall getting in with Jake would be pretty sweet, you know DDP will be there somewhere.

    Seriously, I will mark my mother fucking dick off if they announce it in the next couple raws.
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  14. I have Bad Boy, his WWF theme and it's almost as boss as Scott Fucking Hall!
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