Major title celebration possibly planned for RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. My sources tell me Meltzer might be wrong but he might be right.

  2. Lol Meltzer with his "it might happen but might not so if it does I'm good but if it doesn't I said it might not so I'm still good". Fuck him.
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  3. Predicted it on the thread last night. Would be very nice.
  4. LOLMFAO nobody with common sense could've predicted this. ~~~~
  5. Ambrose and company should jump Punk.
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  6. now THAT would be interesting
  7. I would fucking love that.
  8. Should have a celebration an it all kick off an jus be a brawl between cena, punk, ryback, rollins, heyman, ambrose etc would marky mark especially if ryback an punk got some back up an it jus went off.
  9. Rock to crash the celebration
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  10. Curious on your opinion on SS if you saw it.
  11. New title belt, possibly?

    Stealing from Testify, tempted to sig
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  12. :laugh: :boss:
  13. I guess that's another way to word "In my opinion there will be a title celebration today, but I don't really know and have no real source, so don't quote me on it as I could be wrong".
  15. Turned it on right as DZ superkicked Orton. Don't know how strong DZ looked before that but that part was nice. Main event was pretty meh.

    What did they do with the Ambrose angle tonight?
  16. Same as Survivor Series, Ryback interrupted Punk's celebration and then Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns attacked him and put him through the announce table.
  17. And ended up standing in the ring glaring at the crowd as Punk stood over Ryback and laughed/ said best in the world
  18. Above posts makes it seem more of an alliance than it actually shows. Punk was outside of the ring standing over Ryback whilst those three seemed separated and were in the ring just staring at the crowd. The beat down was great though.

    Really worried about Rollins being a heel though, he just isn't one imo.
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