News Major Update on Daniel Bryan Possibly Wrestling Again

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. Brie Bella revealed to the Frome The Top Rope podcast that her husband Daniel Bryan has been receiving Hyprebaric Oxygen Therapy treatment. According to its official website, HBOT “is the use of high pressure oxygen as a drug to treat basic pathophysiologic processes and their diseases.”

    “From that moment, which was pretty much two years ago, he has been doing every kind of testing to every kind of experiment you can imagine for the brain. And he actually found one, it’s this oxygen hyperbaric chamber or something.”

    Brie also talked about how she fully supports Bryan if he wants to wrestle again. She also mentioned that if WWE doesn’t allow it, to go somewhere else.

    “And I told Bryan, ‘You do have a daughter, so always remember that. But if the doctors finally give you the green light,’ I go, ‘Go! This is your dream and passion. You have one life to live and I will never hold you back.’”

    She added, “Because I love to wrestle, and I would hate if someone told me you can’t do it. And if WWE doesn’t allow it, then I said, ‘Go somewhere else. It’s all on you.’ Obviously he would love to be able to get back in that WWE ring, but I know for a fact my husband is going to find his way back to the ring. He honestly is.”

    You can check out the full interview here.

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  2. We've gotten so much conflicting information over this that it's hard to have a good, informed opinion on the matter. WWE's doctors say "No, we won't give you the greenlight due to concussions." You know, that makes good sense from a business perspective, however, we're not given more information than that. As you all know, I'm a cognitive psychologist so I study the brain, how it works, how it recovers from injury...etc... I have a PhD in this so I consider myself somewhat of an expert. WWE hasn't released any information on those doctor reports which supports Bryan NOT BEING ABLE to wrestler. HOWEVER, they have every right to tell him we're not going to let you wrestle ever again due simply to the amount of concussions you've had.

    Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, has gone to independent doctors who have given him the greenlight. From a business perspective, the information from those doctors in completely useless. A third party doctor cannot greenlight someone to wrestle because it's not their business that is responsible for what happens afterwards. They can say he's healthy enough to wrestle, but they're not taking the business aspect nor the culpability for whatever accident may happen should they be wrong.

    So as to whether or not Bryan can wrestle in WWE, the WWE doctors are the ONLY ones who can give a greenlight. Any other doctor's opinion is completely meaningless. However, if he goes to wrestle elsewhere, the doctor's of that promotion have to make the same choice. If Bryan isn't as healthy as he has led us to believe in the past, then that's on him. I hate to think he would put his life at risk when he has a daughter and a wife, though. I honestly don't believe he would, but we'll see.

    So, it's hard to have a strong opinion on this. If WWE is just being conservative and he's okay to wrestle, I'd love to see him do it elsewhere. This is a real possibility. But if they're not and he REALLY isn't fit to wrestle anywhere else, then he shouldn't do it. Fortunately, it seems that Brie agrees with me on this and hopefully, since they will be privy to the actual medical reports that we will not, he will make the right decision.

    EDIT: BTW Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is complete pseudoscience without an ounce of evidence supporting it does anything. The fact that he is using pseudoscientific treatments in an attempt to get healthy enough to wrestle says to me that he may want to wrestle so badly that he might do it regardless of the danger.
  3. Who needs that when you can use a hyperbolic time chamber!? He'd be ready to go in a matter of MINUTES!

    :dawg: :okay:
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