Major Update on Jesse Sorensen's TNA Status

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  1. It appears that Jesse Sorensen's role within TNA changed in recent days. Sorensen has changed his description on his official twitter account to "Marketing/Production Assistant with TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV".

    It's also worth noting that he describes himself as a "former TNA X-Division wrestler".


    If this means an early retirement, then DAMN!:upset:
  2. Well, if he doesn't feel good as a wrestler, than it is up to him. You can't blame the guy...
  3. I don't blame him. I feel sorry for the guy, but in wrestling things like these are bound to happen.
  4. :downer: Well, expected him to return, but I suppose it's for the best.
  5. After an injury like that I doubt I'd want to return either.
  6. Kudos to TNA for giving him a job!
  7. Smart decision. Health first and foremost.

    The guy was lucky to recover, and lucky to be able to walk.
  8. Hopefully we still get to see him on tv from time to time, i am a fan for sure. Great move to keep the injured soldier, TNA.
  9. I'd like that. Maybe an X Division's General Manager? I'd dig that.
  10. Is it just me who can't stand divisions getting their own authority, it's just awfully clusterfucky IMO. Same as Brooke as the knockouts VP. IMO one person should run it all and they should be seen rarely unless in a huge feud (Bischoff in WCW and Vince vs Austin for example.)
  11. New sig <3

    I can stand those type things if the GMs don't appear too much. IMO, there should be an authority figure, defo. BUT, if I was booking a wrestling show, the Gms would appear once or twice a month, when it's the time to do decide or set up something big for the company.
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