News Major Update on Tyson Kidd’s WWE Status

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  1. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Tyson Kidd will be moved into a non-wrestling role with WWE.

    According to the report, it’s too early to determine whether the role will be a backstage one such as a producer or an on-air personality. Kidd has been out of action since suffering a career ending injury against Samoa Joe back in 2015.

    Speaking of Kidd, he is also set to return to Total Divas next season after sitting out the previous one.

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  2. I don't know if he's the on air personality kind, but I'm glad he'll be working with the business he obviously has a passion for.
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  3. His career was cut too short, but hopefully, he can find a way to be involved again.
  4. Carreer Ending Injury? How? What happened?
  5. It was a dark match at a Raw ( a match that isn't on TV) a year or two ago. Basically, Samoa Joe hit Tyson Kidd with this move:

    Not showing the footage of the actual one since knowing what had happened to him makes it hard to watch, but Kidd landed wrong and suffered a major spinal injury which caused them to have to put many screws and a rod in his spine. He is lucky to be alive and is lucky to not be a quadriplegic. He is lucky to be in the shape he is in, but he won't be returning to the ring again. Too much damage done, and too risky.
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  6. Oh My Gosh! :/
  7. Perhaps they shouldnt allow that move?
  8. Joe has used it for years, for the most part, never went wrong other than that. He did it in NXT but he has yet to do it on WWE's main roster. He only teased it once or twice. He uses a Uranage Slam (which admittedly he does well) and his Submission.
  9. Whats the point of a Dark Match then?
    I wonder if thats what I went to couple yrs ago in Cleveland. Cause there wasnt very many ppl there when My Family and I went
  10. I just saw one where Bray Threw up. Must've had a Bug or ate something before Wrestling. Ugh!
  11. They are meant to do a few things. Before the show, they can hype up a crowd and warm them up. After the show can leave the crowd going home happy. As well they can be used for wrestlers to practice spots to see what they do for a PPV encounter, and/or test new talent in front of a crowd before they are called up.

    An example of the latter is the match where the injury happened and what Dean Ambrose did before he debuted with The Shield:

    This was years ago and it had Dean in his character from FCW, which was very similar to Jon Moxley, his independent-scene character. He had a lot of the lunatic tendencies he does now but is a bit darker and serious. Five years later, he would become a Triple Crown winner in WWE, including facing people like John Cena, Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, and Brock Lesnar, as well as one of the top faces in the company and part of one of the best stables in recent memory.

    But, the dark matches are something that helps WWE learn what works in front of the main roster crowd, which can be good for NXT people before they go up since NXT is a very hardcore-based crowd and unfortunately, like with Tyson Kidd, injuries can occur, just like with any other match with WWE. :/
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  12. Is he still able to walk as of today?
  13. Yes, although don't expect him to compete.
  14. Not expecting that at all. Especially not after what happened to him and what he went thru
  15. So, Tyson will be back in a backstage role? Nice.
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