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  1. Sting signed...
    (From Wreslting 101)
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  2. Finally. the marks can stop speculating.
  3. Not interested on Sting vs. Taker, especially as it wouldn't involve The Streak. Authority figure? Lol I look forward to his backstage shenanigans with Hornswoggle and Vickie, etc.
  4. ^ What are you talking about? The fact that there is no streak makes it less predictable now.
  5. I'll mark if he debuts by repelling down from the ceiling and cleans house with a bat
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  6. Still sucks
  7. It's still not official, just more dirt sheets.
  8. :blackshock:
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  9. No Taker vs Sting match now. I am not sure how Sting being in WWE will be...could be good, could be bad. I guess Sting's legend of never being in WWE is over, hope it is just dirt sheet dribble and nothing more
  10. Every other dirt sheet has said he has signed for the past month. Not believing it until I see a real confirmation. Not speculation.
  11. Agreed
  12. It's not official yet...

    In regards to reports of Sting finally signing a deal with WWE, word is that WWE sent Sting his contract several days ago but as of yesterday, he had not returned it.

    The belief is both sides were on terms and an agreement is in place but as of yesterday, pen to paper on Sting's side had not been returned to WWE.

    There is no indication of any serious hold-up, at least from the WWE side. Those in the company even before WrestleMania XXX were working with the impression that he was on board.

  13. Thought this said @Majour WWE signing.
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  14. Guess this answers the question "who's gonna be replacing Vickie on Smackdown?".
  15. I just can't see it. Sting holds out going to WWE for this many years but he is going to sell out to become Smackdown GM? Not buying it. Of course I've been wrong before (jk jk I probably haven't).
  16. I'll wait until he appears on WWE television or confirms it himself in an interview or something before I believe it. That said, 2014 is long past the point where I care to see Sting in a prolonged role in WWE, so I find it hard to be excited about this either way. A few matches I can live with, but I hope he doesn't have a big role on-screen as an authority figure/general manager or something. Sting was at his most interesting when he wasn't talking (i.e. Crow Sting), so I've got no interest in seeing him in a role that involves him doing a lot of it.
  17. Except Vickie didn't leave (yet)
  18. Crow Sting was an amazing gimmick (right place right time) but its incredibly unfair to paint Sting as a bad talker and just use the cherry picked fact that Sting was best when he wasn't talking. Sting is versatile and entertaining on the stick.
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  19. I don't know, I'll wait for him to debut. I am pretty curious about how he'll be used if he does sign, though.
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