Make fun of my predictions ITT:

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    kidding, great prediction. Didn't read
  2. @Crayo who made this dipshit a mod?
  3. Lol, Cena is going to win? Yeah right. Orton retains.
  4. I can't bring myself to admit to it.

  5. I don't see Cena winning. Authority or someone helps Orton retain. Maybe even by DQ.
  6. Cena is going to overcome! And face Brock at EC! Oh hell yes!
  7. Orton will have a rematch clause, so triple threat? Not lying, I'd mark. Lesnar beating down both Cena and Orton.
  8. Just a heads up I found a typo.

    "Will eh F5 Show?"

    I don't see Bray going over DB though sadly, still a nice write up.
  9. Yea I really should proof read.

    edit: jk, I meant to post it like that. will eh do it? we'll have to see mate
  10. Umm...... your predictions smell.
  11. As for Bray going over, probably not, but how can WWE put him straight into a feud with Cena after this disaster of a feud with Bryan?

    I could easily see WWE logic dictating "well DB is so over, he can't lose his overness. He stands nothing to gain, so why not give Bray a big win?"
  12. I really doubt the Cena feud happens in all honesty however this is the company that had Ryback job from HIAC to WM last year before throwing him into a title feud with Cena so never underestimate them.
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  13. I doubted it at first, but what else is there for Cena to do?
  14. Streak? Match with Orton as he made it personal due to attacking his dad (again that fucker needs to keep his eyes open). Those two are what I could see happening.
  15. No way they drag this terrible Orton/Cena feud that far. Taker is possible I guess, which would probably mean that Brock really is in a WWE title match/going into Mania as champ, so that would be cool.
  16. well, I was right on my line of thinking with Bray at least... Cena, not so much.
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