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Brock Lesnar
Hello, I have noticed a big drop in activity on the forums lately. It has been slow for a long time but now it's almost dead... I am asking everyone to give some ideas to bring more members or make the current ones more active. I will start...

Create more interesting threads that people can give their opinions and share their knowledge about wrestling and have more fun games in the forums game section by creating new game thread...


LDW Management
My main focus on the site is the e-fed and overall that is doing well even if we don't post as much on the site for OOC stuff since most of us use the discord for the extra chatting since it is instant.

Sort of we can blame a good chunk of the dip for the entire world getting fucked over with COVID-19 and the lack of crowds and other promotions aside from WWE, AEW, and maybe a couple of smaller ones for months hurting people's enthusiasm. Add that with the common post-Mania hangover, some things happening which may make people feel uncomfortable with WWE or wrestlers (like the mass firings in the middle of a pandemic, the #speakingout movement exposing the darker side of some wrestlers we once looked up to). I'd watch wrestling, but the lack of crowds makes it hard to keep focus for most shows and also I get up super freaking early each day during the week which leads very little room for staying up and watching a 2-hour wrestling show that starts at like 8 or 9 pm my time.

Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
Watch a old event and do a live chat. Stop spot done that with a few old dgusa events etc.
I had actually meant to do this already. I got bogged down in some other things. But yeah, I will definitely put something together.

Apart from that, we're just feeling the effects of Covid 19. Audiences are a huge part of the show. And I think that is one of the reasons we are not getting a lot of chat for it.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
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Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
But yeah, more interesting threads is something I will work on too. We currently have 158 guests on the forum so we just have to find a way to get them to sign up. Threads that capture their interest is important.


The Showoff
The drop in the forum is due to New Japan Wrestling getting canceled by AXS last year. NJPW was responsible for the renewed interest in pro wrestling and, with them losing their TV deal, discussion in the forum significantly dropped. With NJPW canceled, interest in wrestling began to wane.
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CM Punk

AJ Styles
Forums in general have been decreasing in traffic for a few years. And the fact that the product isn't the best either right now doesn't help anyone's case. There's a lot of stuff we can do to improve activity, but realistically, it's up to Cam/Killer Orange Cat do any of the suggestions I'll list below.

> Update the trophies, they're outdated and fundamentally require no effort to achieve. Awards when the forum launched were more post based and rewarding cause you felt like you earned something. Being a fan of Pokemon or liking sports requires no effort. I'll give a few examples below of trophies that were in the past or something that I think is viable.

- Have the most posts in a RAW/SMACKDOWN/NXT/AEW Live discussion thread. (That way weekly, people can interact and try to get traffic up while still discussing the product.)
- Have section based awards like, if you make many game threads, if you're known for posting in the Locker Room mostly.

> Do giveaways on twitter. While a wrestling show is airing, just tweet that you're giving out like a $10 Google Play or Apple Card. Make the requirements easy like follow our twitter and join the Live Discussion thread (Do most posts without spamming.) or if you want another idea, do a prediction contest for PPV's and make the minimum requirement to join 50 posts. If you really want a younger fan base, someone just buy a digital version of WWE 2K20 it should generally cost $20 and make that the prize and let them know that we're doing giveaways for most PPV's, not all.

If they join the forum since they like the community, then good. If not, it's fine, we still gained traffic.

> Revive the IWT section. I really don't care if it's a respect thing to Solidus and Britta, I still talk to them here and there, but if you really want the forum to succeed, you literally have to revive the section that gave the forum the most activity in a 3-4 year spam. Literally everyone did e-feds, all the admin's/staff. That's how popular it was! It was a dumb move to hide the section, so many hours and good promo's went into it. No e-fed will ever come close to IWT on this forum, I'm sorry, it's just literally a fact. Just revive the section, even from a reading standpoint, it's a good section.

I probably have a few more suggestions, but that's just my take from someone who literally joined within the first week this forum was made.

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