Make the group memeber get more postion like beside being leader!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Aug 25, 2012.

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    We should have it puilc made for other postion from group other then being a leader on are group!​
  2. Can you explain that with urm, more detail please?
  3. like u know how on the group it list the leader we should have something like Advisor, General and any other postion we want to make.
  4. Next time you make a suggestion thread, start with something like that.
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  5. There's no point. They won't have any power, it would be unofficial positions. Only leaders can accept/deny users from joining your group, and can kick out others too. There's no need for any other positions to be added (officially anyway) as they don't hold any extra power.
  6. I want the position of motivational speaker! Gimme'Gimme!
  7. they won't be able to do anything unless you wanna make them a mod for that section..
  8. can we have are own mod then?
  9. You have Big Hoss in your group as Advisor and me as General, we can be your personal mods.
  10. I mean as a postion that we can see beside the leader.
  11. and lovers. :otunga:
  12. No that's not possible I'm afraid.
  13. No Randy you can't be a mod. Crayo just can't get it out of his keyboard.

    Close this shit.
  14. NAH!
  15. Well, it's the truth..
  16. :no:! and I want a mod for SP Group!
  17. That can't be done...
  18. :yes: it can!
  19. You accuse Randy of wanting mod status, then mini-mod by suggesting the thread be closed?
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