Make Your Dream Roster.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Butters!, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. So, I don't know if this was a thread but I thought this could be fun.

    Here's how it's gonna happen, bare with me. (Seriously. I'm thinking this up as I write it.)

    • Your Roster Will Consist of 25 Males, 15 Females. & 5 Mangers.
    • Your Roster can contain talent from any wrestling promotion (That includes Indies as well for all you indie lovers!)
    • You also get to choose who are your champions.
    • Your titles are. World Heavy Weight, Women's, Tag, And a Title that you made. (Randomly named and everything)
    • This is optional this is just for anyone that likes to add depth into their roster, Adding Heel/Face on the people who are on your roster.
    Because I don't know many indie promotions, Actually I know none at all. ask @Majour it's the truth. I'm going to go based off WWE. I will get into indie promotions soon, so you know. Don't hate me for mine haha.

    And You don't have to worry about filling it all in at once, you can come back and fill it in. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Male Division.
    1: Edge. Face
    2: Roman Regions Heel
    3: Dean Ambrose Heel
    4: Yoshi Tatsu Face
    5: Sami Zayn Heel
    6: Shawn Michaels Heel
    7. The Rock. Heel
    8. Randy Orton (Jobber)
    9: Dolph Ziggler. Face
    10. Antonio Cesaro. Heel
    11. Bad News Barret. Heel
    12. Daniel Bryan. Heel.
    13. Sheamus. Face.
    14. Sin Cara. Face
    15. Mick Foley. Heel
    16. Xavier Woods. Face
    17. Zack Ryder. Heel
    18. The Undertaker. Heel
    19. Alex Riley. Face
    20. William Regal. Heel (Of Course, Total Badass)
    21. Tyson Kidd. Heel
    22. Kane. Face
    23. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Heel
    24. Evan Bourne. Heel
    25. Bray Wyatt. Heel

    Women's Division.
    1. Emma. Face
    2. Paige. Heel
    3. Chyna. Heel
    4. Stacy Keilber. Face.
    5. Mickie James. Heel
    6. Lita. Face
    7. Trish Stratus. Heel.
    8. Jazz. Face
    9. Beth Phoenix. Heel
    10. Natalya. Face.
    11. Torrie Wilson. Face.
    12. Shaniqua. Heel (If anyone remembers her. My hat is off to you.)
    13. Naomi. Heel
    14. Eve Torres. Heel
    15. Layla. Face

    (Will Have to get back to it)


    Tag Titles:
    Custom Title
    (Will have to get back to that)
  2. 15 females? You said it was my dream roster, why would I want female wrestlers?
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  3. Haha! Okay. Just leave them blank. :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. OK.

    1-4.) Top heel stable. Ric Flair, Dolph Ziggler, Mr. Perfect and Brock Lesnar.
    Flair is the champ. Ziggler/Perfect are tag partners and Ziggler the IC Champ. Brock is the unrefined muscle/body guard
    Top faces:
    5.) Kurt Angle
    6.) Sting
    7.) Kevin Nash
    8.) Shawn Michaels
    9.) Razor Ramon
    Mid Card:
    10.) Owen Hart
    11.) Chris Benoit
    12.) Eddie Guerrero
    13.) The Rock
    14.) Triple H
    15.) Jericho
    Tag Teams:
    16/17: Road Warriors
    18/19: British Bulldogs
    20/21: Edge & Christian
    22/23: Dudley Boys
    24/25: Beer Money

    Flair is the Heavyweight champ until he, Perfect and Lesnar turn on Ziggler, and then face Ziggler goes over Flair for the title.
    IC champ is Ziggler, who eventually loses the belt to Mr. Perfect when the group turns on him before Ziggler moves on to face Flair
    Tag champs are Ziggler and Perfect, who can lose them to the Road Warriors eventually
    Jericho and Christian can feud for the Women's title since they are the prettiest
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  5. Ziggler and Perfect would have made a tremendous team! :yay:
  6. Male Division. 1. Daniel Bryan - Face
    2. Antonio Cesaro - Heel
    3. Rey Mysterio - Face
    4. Kevin Steen - Heel
    5. The Rock - Heel
    6. SCSA - Face
    7. Edge - Heel
    8. Shawn Michaels - Face
    9. Triple H - Heel
    10. Undertaker - Heel
    11. Kane - Heel
    12. AJ Styles - Face
    13. Hayabusa - Face
    14. Regal - Heel
    15. Jericho - Heel
    16. Benoit - Face
    17. Eddie Guerrero - Heel
    18. Bob Backlund - Heel
    19. Kurt Angle - Heel
    20. RVD - Face
    21. Lesnar - Heel
    22. CM Punk - Heel
    23. Christian - Heel
    24. Bret Hart - Face
    25. Owen Hart - Face

    Women's Division.
    1. Lita - Face
    2. Trish Stratus - Heel
    3. AJ Lee - Heel
    4. Mae Young - Face
    5. Fabulous Moolah - Heel
    6. Mickie James - Heel
    7. Natalya - Face
    8. Beth Pheonix - Heel
    9. Chyna - Face
    10. Jazz - Heel
    11. Emma - Face
    12. Paige - Face
    13. Sara Del Ray - Face
    14. Shaniqua - Heel
    15. Gail Kim - Heel

    Torrie Wilson - Face
    Stacy Keibler - Heel
    Paul Bearer - Heel
    Paul Heyman - Heel

    Heavyweight: Stone Cold Steve Austin - Daniel Bryan no.1 contender
    Women's - Lita, Fabulous Moolah no.1 contender
    Tag Titles: Hart Foundation (Bret/Owen), DX (Shawn/Hunter) no.1 contender.
    Intercontinental: TBD
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  7. Curt managing Ziggler would have been amazing as well imo.
  8. lmao @ your sig. Crazy it just breaks into the window and no sells getting smoked by a bus.
  9. Thought you were a heel Nash type of guy.
  10. What the fuck????

    No way. Nash was barely ever even a heel. He is just too damn lovable. Even as a heel in NWO the crowd loved him. Then as the leader of the Wolfpack during the Big Sexy days? come on son. Heel Nash? Heel Nash? Nobody wants to boo this man

  11. A lot of people love heels over faces, bro. Nash was a great face, no doubt. I just thought you liked him in heel form.
  12. He was great as a heel when he first came to WCW, but again, the crowd quickly started worshipping he, Hall and Hogan so its hard to even classify NWO as a heel group for a lot of that run.
  13. I always wondered about their alliance in the heel/face/tweener category. I think people cheered them because they were on TV 95% of the time.
  14. I think they cheered them because they were just fucking cool. NWO were the first 'bad guys' who were just too cool to dislike. Plus it came with the territory that more and more fans had started to realize wrestling was all a show.
  15. Well, obviously they were cool as fuck. But, again, fans wouldn't realize it was all a show if it wasn't for them being on TV most of the time.
  16. 1. Bobby Roode- Heel
    2. Kurt Angle- Face
    3. 05 Batista- Face
    4. The Miz- Heel
    5. Austin Aries- Face
    6. Roderick Strong- Face
    7. Mick Foley- Face
    8. Antonio Cesaro- Heel
    9. Edge- Heel
    10. 03-05 Orton- Heel
    11. John Cena- Face
    12. Joseph Park- Face
    13. Samoa Joe- Face
    14. Wade Barrett- Heel
    15. Mr. Anderson- Face
    16. ECIII- Heel
    17. Chris Daniels- Heel
    18. Bully Ray- Heel
    19. Ric Flair- Heel
    20. Stone Cold Steve Austin- Face
    21. Dolph Ziggler- Heel
    22. Dean Ambrose- Heel
    23. Roman Reigns- Face
    24. Kane w/ mask- Face
    25. Triple H- Heel

    WWE World Champion- Mick Foley
    Tag Titles- Rated RKO
    TV Title- Mr.Anderson
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  17. WWE Champion: Kurt Angle (tweener)
    MITB winner: Roman Reigns (face)
    World Champion: Brock Lesnar (heel)
    Intercontinental Champion: Cesaro (heel)
    WWE Tag-Team Champions: D-Generation X (face)
    World Tag-Team Champions: Dudley boyz (heel)
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  18. Damien Sandow and Austin Aries wrestling all day, no need for a roster :emoji_slight_smile:
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    Main title:
    - Shawn Michaels (Face)

    World title:
    - Bobby Roode (Heel)

    Tag Titles:
    - Brian Pillman & Dean Ambrose (Heels)

    Mid-Card title:
    - Seth Rollins (Face)

    Woman's title:
    - Audrey Marie (Face)

    Male Roster:
    - Shawn Michaels (Face)
    - Bobby Roode (Heel)
    - Brian Pillman (Heel)
    - Dean Ambrose (Heel)
    - Seth Rollins (Face)
    - Cesaro (Face)
    - Triple H (Heel)
    - Chris Jericho (Face)
    - Chris Daniels (Heel)
    - Kazarian (Heel)
    - Austin Aries (Face)
    - Bully Ray (Heel)
    - Zema Ion (Heel)
    - Brock Lesnar (Face)
    - Undertaker (Heel)
    - Solomon Crowe (Heel)
    - Sami Zayn (Face)
    - Edge (Face)
    - Razor Ramon (Heel)
    - Christian (Face)
    - Hollywood Rock (Heel)
    - Chris Benoit (Face)
    - Kurt Angle (Heel)
    - Eddie Guerrero (Face)
    - Bray Wyatt (Heel)

    Female Roster:
    - Audrey Marie (Face)
    - Gail Kim (Heel)
    - Taryn Terrell (Face)
    - Trish Stratus (Heel)
    - Lita (Face)
    - Stacy Kiebler (Face)
    - Torrie Wilson (Heel)
    - Candice Michelle (Heel)
    - Layla (Face)
    - Bayley (Face)
    - Sable (Heel)
    - Natalya (Face)
    - Nikki Bella (Heel)

    - Paul Heyman
    - Bobby Henan
    - Paul Bearer
    - William Regal (I know he wasn't a manager, but I think he'd be a badass type of mentor)
    - Zeb Colter
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