Make your own Kayfabe News Story Thread

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  1. Well all know Kayfabe News site and it is hillarous, we all have those funny ideas in our head so here is a thread where we pretend to be Kayfabe News writers


    My Made Up Story (open)

    Curt Hawkins to finally debut at No Mercy, next year

    Returning WWE Smackdown Live superstar Curt Hawkins has finally announced his televised in ring return for No Mercy 2017. For a little over a month we have been seeing vignettes with Hawkins stating the facts... and we will continue to see it for the next whole year.

    Hawkins reportedly has "boat loads" of facts planned for the next 365 days which will continue to air on Smackdown Live.

    It is rumored that Curt Hawkins might have more facts than he needs for the year and might have to push the debut back to No Mercy 2018.

    Give it a go!
  2. DAVE MELTZER: Ryback is to be rehired by the WWE, operating the YER DA gimmick. HE WILL LIKE UKIP, NRA, TRUMP AND DISLIKE FOREIGNERS AND WOMEN WRESTLERS WHO DON'T LISTEN TO 'THE MAN'. Zeb Coulter will be his manager and give him apple juice before and after matchups
  3. Roadster is a cuck
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    did i do it right?
  4. Is this only for wrestlers or?
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